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Ghost Ranch in Aguila

A friend of ours told us that there was good horseback riding and springs in Aguila, right off Eagle Eye Road. On a cloudy summer day in July, we decided to investigate.

The Drive

We left Wickenburg, driving West on 60 (West Wickenburg Way). The drive to Aguila was neither long nor eventful. It had rained hard earlier in the day and although none of the washes were flowing, there was standing water on some of the flat desert lands halfway about fifteen miles out of town. As you approach Aguila, you can see the mountain that gives it its …

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Tower Mountain Lookout

The Bradshaw Mountains offer a cool retreat from Wickenburg’s summertime temperatures. On July 4 , 1999, we decided to take the Jeep exploring a place where air conditioning is not required equipment.

The Drive

With no particular destination in mind, we left Wickenburg, going north on 93. We turned off at 89, passed through Congress, and climbed Yarnell Hill. In Yarnell, the air conditioning went off and the windows came down. Amazing what a 2500-foot climb can do!

We wound through Peeple’s Valley, headed for Kirkland Junction. Just short of the turnoff for Kirkland, we made a right onto Wagoner …

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