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Old Guest Book 1999 Entries

The following are the entries that appeared in the original wickenburg-az.com Guest Book for the year 1999. That Guest Book was discontinued when we switched to the new Web site format on January 1, 2006.

On 10/17/1999, Caroline Hayes of Winchester, Hants, UK wrote:
We have just come back from Wickenburg, a trip sadly cut short by a family death. We had only 48 hours there, but thoroughly enjoyed our visit, in particular your wonderful museum and art gallery. You must be very proud of it. It’s nice to visit the town again on this web site. Best wishes, Caroline Hayes.

On 9/19/1999, Cathy Ryan-Stone of Meshoppen, PA, USA wrote:
hi! i grew up in Wickenburg. Graduated in ’75. great to see this site. loved growing up there. hope to visit in the near future.

On 9/9/1999, Teressa Lenkey of Puyallup, Wa, USA wrote:
What a wonderful site – Not to mention very informative. It sure has a way a making you feel like your part of the community. We plan on moving there next July/August. Job well done!


On 9/5/1999, Allen Brown of Anchorage, Alaska, USA wrote:
We have enjoyed you website ever since the hit list number was 205. Thanks for keeping your winter residents informed on the local events and news. Your “Day Trip” category is great. Is it possible to provide more of Wickenburg news as a weekly update? The Wickenburg Sun arrives in Anchorage about 2 to 3 weeks late. We feel left out.

On 8/28/1999, John Hilliard of Sun City, AZ, USA wrote:
Great site. Very good info on Wickenburg. I’m referring friends who want to visit Wickenburg. Glad I found you.

On 8/23/1999, Jim Cook of Phoenix, AZ, USA wrote:
I’ve enjoyed visiting your attractive ‘virtual community’ since the Brierleys at the Spirit Rider pointed it out a few weeks ago. I’ll be moving to Wickenburg in a few weeks to enjoy the cleaner air, and my fiancee will follow when she can. Meanwhile I enjoy checking out wickenburg-az.com to get a feel for our new home. I appreciate the way you keep the site fresh and interesting.

On 8/23/1999, Steffi Pilz of Berlin, Germany wrote:
Last year I visited Wickenburg and spent a week at the Williams Family Ranch. I liked it so much, that I built them a website. Have a look at http://www.angelfire.com/az/williamsranch . I really like your page and will put a link on our link page. Keep on ridin’ Steffi 🙂

On 8/18/1999, Bill and Peggy Hoffman of Glendale, CA, USA wrote:
Dear Wickenburg folks,

We are coming to visit your city in September and thought we would first check the internet to take a computer tour prior to our arrival. We have been to Prescott and will visit that city again on the September trip. We are interested in Wickenburg as we have family in the Mesa, AZ area and like the fairly close distance to there.

What are the accomodations, motels,etc.???

On 8/9/1999, Darla Schooler of Downey, CA, USA wrote:
Saw your sign on the side of your vehicle in Basha’s parking lot last Friday — just had to visit. We get to our “retreat” 2nd home from California about twice a month for LONG week-ends and love every minute spent there — whether it rains, blows, HOT sunshine, or even snow last Winter. Can’t think of a better place to be!! Just waiting to be full-timers. Your sight in very informative and up-to-date – keep up the good work!.

On 7/29/1999, Sarah Oldenburg of Ogallala, NE, USA wrote:
i was just wondering what wickenburg was like, because i may be moving there soon, and i stumbbled upon this site.

On 7/8/1999, Paul Fitzsimmons of N. Attleboro., MA, USA wrote:
I read about the web site in the Wickenburg Sun. That Iget every week here in N. Attleboro, MA 02760 I.M 62 and plan to come to Wickenburg hen I retire in theree years. In the mean time I plan to visit in the Fall. I love your Web site Thanks for all the Information and nice links. Paul Fitz.

On 6/26/1999, Larry Chalsma of Wickenburg, Az, USA wrote:
I think what you are doing is great. I am new to this computer age, but am enjoying it. Will be better when we get better internet provider here. When you see Barry B. again tell him he still looks like John Denver and give Barb a hug for me.

On 6/26/1999, Linda T Tuhy of Springfield , Oregon, USA wrote:
I have really enjoyed seeing the beautiful photos in your web page. I visited your wonderful city in October of last year, and really did enjoy seeing all the beautiful sites that was pictured. My parents live in Morristown, and I enjoy being able to see what is going on, and what the weather is like. I look forward to checking into your web site quite often. Linda Tuhy of Springfield, OR

On 6/26/1999, Stan Halley of Blue Grass, Iowa, USA wrote:
We want to get away from these cold Iowa winters. Have friends living in Arizona that like it very much!! I heard that Wickenburg was one of the Top Ten retirerment spots. I would like to have some information as to what Wickenburg has to offer. I have always loved the southwest and would very much like to retire there. Also, I noticed you have a dog show in November. Do you have a local kennel club? Would appriciate any information about your community. Thanks, Stan Halley

On 6/26/1999, George Page of Yuma, AZ, USA wrote:
Hi there, Saw the write up about your site in the Friday issue of the paper, which I have been subscribing to in an effort to learn more about Wickenburg. I am affiliated with a company called American Line, which I am hopefully successful in getting relocated to Wickenburg. My wife and I are planning on making a move to Wickenburg whether or not I am able to induce them to do so.

So when I saw your write up in the paper I couldn’t resist stopping by to say hello. I’ll be watching it quite close as I want to learn as much as possible about Wickenburg and the surrounding area as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have time drop me a line.

Have a good day,

George Page

On 6/24/1999, glen & Diane Mills of Kirkland, Wa, USA wrote:
Love the sight. I’m excited about the sight due to my parents retired down there,(Morristown) and I use to live in Tempe when I went to school (PIT). I’m always thinking just about every day that I can remember about retiring down there. Thank you.

On 6/10/1999, Roy Reyer of Wickenburg, Az, USA wrote:
Welcome to the growning Internet community here in Wickenburg! Great looking site, well done..

On 6/6/1999, Diane Dunn of Fremont, CA, USA wrote:
Would like info regarding retirement communities in Wickenburg. We have been looking at gated communities in Surprise, AZ. Thank you.

On 6/6/1999, Carmen Piesik of Minneapolis, MN, Hennipen, USA wrote:
We are very interested in everything you can tell us about your city. We are looking to retire in Arizona nad are also checking out the Seirra Vista area. However, we do like the information we hae heard about Wickenberg. Thanks.

On 6/5/1999, Gary Spiekermeier of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA wrote:
Very Interested in retirement opportunities in Arizona and heard that Wickenburg was rated in the top 10 in the Nation, would appreciate and e-mails ref: Wickenburg and retirement communities be sent, for such a new Web site your doing a Great Job..

On 6/2/1999, debbie shane of KENNETT SQUARE, PA, USA wrote:
we’re coming out next april for a vacation, and i just puncked in the city on my computer and got this. looking forward to visiting…

On 5/24/1999, Jim Burchell of Valley, NE, USA wrote:
Looking to buy a retirement home in the Wickenburg area. Have friends who recently moved to your area from Nebraska. Jim & Karol Lewallen. Look forward to our trip to your area in mid June to see just how hot it gets….

On 5/22/1999, Sean Crabson of Glendale, AZ, USA wrote:
Well, after McDonalds, the stoplights, the only thing left was the web site. It has been close to 14 years since I lived in Wickenburg, but it still feels like home. Congratulations on the recent publicity.

On 5/22/1999, Maria Langer of Wickenburg, AZ, USA wrote:
Just testing out our brand new Guest Register. I get to make the first entry! I hope everyone else who visits the site takes a moment to add their comments here.

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