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A Prescott Summer Weekend

When summer heats up Wickenburg, one of the best places to escape to is Prescott. This small city, just 60 miles from Wickenburg, offers all kinds of diversions, from summer art shows to shopping. At over 5000 feet, it stays cool when lower elevations seem to reach boiling point.

We visited Prescott early this season, on Memorial Day weekend. Here’s what we found.

Getting There

Getting to Prescott is easy. Take 93 (Tegner) north out of Wickenburg. About 5 miles out of town, bear right onto 89 (the “Congress Cutoff”). Follow 89 up Yarnell Hill, through Peeples Valley and Wilhoit, …

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Granite Mountain Park

Let’s face it: it gets pretty darn hot in Wickenburg during the summer. If you want to do anything outdoors when the temperatures top 100°, you’ll have to do it up in the mountains where it’s cooler.

That’s what we were thinking when we decided to go horseback riding. We pulled out our copy of Horse Trails of Arizona and looked for possibilities. Granite Mountain, just outside of Prescott, was our choice. We knew the park from short hikes we’d taken there and the descriptions of the horse trails made it irresistible. So we hooked up the horse trailer, loaded …

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