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Dragon Mine

I first saw it from the air, as I was transporting my helicopter from its weekday home in Chandler to its weekend home in Wickenburg. It was the broken glass sparkling in the sun that caught my eye. It was the ruins of a mine, perched on a hillside overlooking a wash. A few days later, Mike and I took the helicopter back out to locate it again and see whether there were good roads to get to it. When we consulted the topo maps we had on hand, we realized that we’d spotted Dragon Mine and we could see …

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Old Guest Book 2000 Entries

The following are the entries that appeared in the original wickenburg-az.com Guest Book for the year 2000. That Guest Book was discontinued when we switched to the new Web site format on January 1, 2006.

On 12/6/2000, Cathy Nelson of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA wrote: I visited friends in Wickenburg for a week starting November 27th. What a wonderful place you have! The small town atmosphere and friendly people make Wickenbug one of the most enjoyable places to visit that I have ever seen. We ate at Anita’s Cocina twice, and it was so good, I ate way too much …

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