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Old Guest Book 2000 Entries

The following are the entries that appeared in the original wickenburg-az.com Guest Book for the year 2000. That Guest Book was discontinued when we switched to the new Web site format on January 1, 2006.

On 12/6/2000, Cathy Nelson of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA wrote:
I visited friends in Wickenburg for a week starting November 27th. What a wonderful place you have! The small town atmosphere and friendly people make Wickenbug one of the most enjoyable places to visit that I have ever seen. We ate at Anita’s Cocina twice, and it was so good, I ate way too much both times. Many thanks for your hospitality to the folks on Mariposa Drive. I hope to return as soon as possible.

On 11/27/2000, Jack & Lorna Lennox of 100 Mile House, B.C., Canada wrote:
We stopped off to check out horse facility, loved your town hope to return in March

On 11/20/2000, B. MARK McCLURE of norfolk, va, USA wrote:
Due to military commitments I have not been home to Wickenburg in many years. If I would have stayed in school I would have graduated with the class of “89” As I visisted what I still consider my home town last week, I noticed alot of changes. Far to many lights and the high school has been replaced by a middle school. May I cunclude that Vulture Peak School is no longer the middle school? That high school has been found to be over rated and no longer needed by the local yocals? anyway, it was nice to come home however brief and even nicer to know there is a place i can come to visit my home town no matter where in the world the navy takes me. thank you…. Petty Officer Second Class Air War Fare Specialist B.Mark McClure

On 11/11/2000, Lisa/Bryce Jackson of national, USA wrote:
Mega Kudos to your web designer! We are full-time RVers who have been coming to W-burg for 10 or so yrs…it has become one of our favorite places. How wonderful it is to be able to “check up”on W-burg from wherever we are! Bryce has been a webmaster and internet marketer for a number of yrs…we recognize a superior website when we see one. Thanks! Lisa & Bryce Jackson

On 11/8/2000, Alexis Ceule of Kansas City, MO, USA wrote:
My brother rode in a fantastic trail ride out of Wickenburg… and I am wanting to find as much information about it as I can. I work for the American Royal Rodeo, Horse and Livstock Association in Kansas City, MO. We are wanting to do a smaller version of this trail ride so I am still digging for information. Wickenburg sounds like a beautiful little town… much like the one’s around here. If you have a link or information, I’d love to get some feedback. Thank you!

On 10/31/2000, Mac Roberts of The Woodlands, TX, USA wrote:
Will be first time visitor to Wickenburg during the Bluegrass Festival.By chance I typed wickenburgaz in the address box of Yahoo. What a nice surprise. It is apparent you people are very proud of your community.Very informative. Looking forward to experiencing Wickenburg.

On 10/29/2000, Cody Dixon of Galveston, Texas, USA wrote:
Well i used to live in wickenburg as a young fellow,and i have missed it from the day i moved away.I graduated ’91 and passed through in ’94.I cant say enough how great a town Wickenburg is and rich in its history and valiant in its pride though humble in its friendliness.I would like to be able to find a Pastor there that would be willing to allow me to visit once a year and Minister there and really enjoy the town.So please if you know of a Pastor who would appreciate someone who would just come and be a blessing and really just desire to compliment there vision that is in there heart that would be great.I am planted in my home Church so i respect other Pastors and what they are doing for their area.Isn’t it great in Wickenburg !!!!!


On 9/26/2000, sharon vails of nashville, in, USA wrote:
we have traveled through the area several times..currently considering moving to AZ and would love to relocate to this area…it is beautiful!! looking for a home in the area…

On 9/15/2000, Carol Rich of Anchorage, AK, USA wrote:
I am excited to be coming to Wickenburg the beginning of October. This site has given me some great info on the area. I will be working in the area and can’t wait to explore the region. Thanks for this marvelous reference to what’s happening in and around Wickenburg. See you soon!

On 9/6/2000, Michaael Douglas of Salome, AZ, USA wrote:
I retired (sort of; I now have two part-time jobs) in Salome about four years ago. I visit Wickenburg every week. I have watched it grow and have casually kept an eye on how the town government works. I enjoy my trips to Wickenburg and read the newspaper every week. I take my hat off to the folks of Wickenburg on how they are actively engaged in the BOOT project.

Your website is an excellent site. Another one visitors may enjoy is: www.azoutback.com. It covers history, folklore, businesses, Chambers of Commerce and events related to communities to the West of Wickenburg.

When traveling West on Highway 60, stop in the Salome Restaurant or Sandy’s Outback Services (across the highway) to learn more about Salome (Where she danced) and the Salome Frog. Also, if you’re coming through Salome in October, check out Dick Wick Hall Days. If you enjoy Chili Cook-Off’s, ours (held in February), is among the regions best.

Enjoy !

On 9/5/2000, Paul White of Dresden, Maine, USA wrote:
I lived in Wickenburg from Mid 1966 to Jan. 1969. I really enjoyed the pictures you have available. Some day I would like to come back for a visit just to see how much things have really changed. Keep up the good work and thanks for tha memories to quote Bob Hope. Paul

On 8/30/2000, Knobby Walsh of Show Low, Az, USA wrote:
We are residents of Wickenburg (Highridge Road)spending some time in Show Low. Really enjoyed your pictures of the flowing water. We check your site daily and enjoy the weather and news. We feel that you have the best site on the web. Knobby & Katy Walsh

On 7/23/2000, Irene Winn of Wenatchee, Wa, USA wrote:
Greetings everyone! There is a possibility I will be moving to Wicenburg next year do to College graduations and time to “enter the real working world.” Ugh! Anyway, this site was extreamly helpful. Thanks so much. I’d be interested in finding a pen pal down there. Are there any mountains around? Does anyone between the ages of 20 and 30 live there? πŸ™‚ Take care and blessings!

On 7/22/2000, Jeff Peters of Minneapolis, MN, USA wrote:
Glad to see a site that actually provides statistics from Wickenburg rather than Phoenix or Glendale Luke AFB. Thanks for the detailed weather – it’s fun to compare it to Minnesota.

On 7/13/2000, Burton Israel of Baltimore, MD, USA wrote:
My father-in-law lives in town. Your web site gives me information on what’s happening in his neck of the woods (desert).

On 7/7/2000, Angela Clubb of Baker, Louisiana, USA wrote:
cool site

On 6/30/2000, Christopher Mitchell of Laguna Beach, CA, USA wrote:
I went to a psychic, she said in a previuos life I lived in Wickenburg and was buried there as Raymond Edward Gardner. Can anyone tell me if there is a cemetary in town dating back to the 1800’s? Are the markers in good condition?

On 6/19/2000, Mary Ruth Faith of Memphis, TN, USA wrote:
We have visited your lovely town. Considering retirement there. We love the weather!!! And the size of your town. Hope you don’t grow too much before we get there. We are looking for more space and less concrete. Can’t get enough of good ole Mother Nature. Thanks for your interesting site. Good Luck.

On 6/14/2000, Thomas Kulovitz of Saint Charles, IL, USA wrote:
I was driving through Wickenburg last month (May/2000) and just loved the area and was going to add it to one my places to transfer to. Except for that article about the proposed Douglas Ranch (164,000) people? I sure would appreciate any future information on this subject. That sure would change my mind on relocating to that beautiful area.

On 6/12/2000, Charlie Petersen of Bellingham, Washington, USA wrote:
Hi, Jeanne & I lived in Wickenburg for eight years. My parents live there now so I get to visit every couple of years. This page was a lot of fun for me to find. Whenever I need some sun I just click on the “Saguaro Cam” I’ll be back! (online anyway)

On 6/10/2000, Kevin Allard of Morristown, az, USA wrote:
cool site man

On 6/5/2000, Don Wagner of Wickenburg, AZ, USA wrote:
Moved from Northern Calif. about two years ago. Love it here. Am Retired L.A. City Fireman and From my own Ace Hardware.

On 5/27/2000, Larry Dryer of Kinderhook, NY, USA wrote:
This one of the most helpful and informative sites that I have used. I regularly search sites in smaller towns and found this one fasinating, and will be coming back to it just to read everthing about your area. Thank you.

On 5/26/2000, John Aabbott of Wickenburg, AZ, USA wrote:
Greetings! I just want to say that this is a great site, full of lots of useful information. (I wish more local sites were like this one!) I also appreciate the way you let people contribute content to the site. I have lots to say and I bet other people do, too. Anyway, best wishes for the continued success of the site. I’ll be checking in often!

On 5/25/2000, Harry Hartzog of North Pole, Alaska, USA wrote:
I live with my father in Wickenburg during the winters for about twelve years and with my mother in North Pole Alaska in the summers. I am now thirty and reside in North Pole and just recently revisited Wickenburg.

On 5/23/2000, Jennifer Young of Ellsworth, Maine, USA wrote:
I love this website! I’ve visited many sites trying to get info on Wickenburg and the surrounding area and this site is by far the best! Keep up the good work. Perhaps I’ll stop by your office when I visit your town this fall.

On 5/10/2000, Chris Glazier of Warrensburg, Missouri, USA wrote:
Hi, I used to live in Wickenburg and a grad from WHS in 1982. I also lived in Aguila with my parents (Jim & Tina Glazier) which live and work in Wickenburg. I have been to your site before and really enjoyed the great pictures of Wickenburg. I lived in Wickenburg for about 3 years in the early 1980’s. I give the town of Wickenburg a blessing and hope to, someday soon, come back for at least a visit. “Chris” πŸ™‚

On 5/9/2000, David Spark of Leeds, Great Britain wrote:
This wonderful site brings back memories of a visit about 5 or6 years ago while touring Arizona. I only spent 1 night in your great town but ever since have regretted not staying longer. I stayed in the Best Western Motel and dined in a small restaurant almost directly opposite – I remember leaving my hat there and having to go back to collect it. I have a lovely pair of boots that were bought in Wickenberg but unfortunately I cannot now wear them. Is the old steam loco still in the park behind the Sheriff’s office? Best wishes and hope to return!

On 4/28/2000, Dave Cornish of Bladensburg, Maryland, USA wrote:
Hi , I liked your web site. I will be moving to Wickenburg this winter and it has shown me much of what I was looking for .See you this winter.

On 4/23/2000, AndrΓ© Matheij of Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands wrote:
Planning my trip tru the south western states of the USA I found this site about Wickenburg. Its really great and the photo tour is fantastic. I hope to visit this place in september.

greetings from holland

On 4/15/2000, Jerry Cole of Johnson City, TN, USA wrote:
Looking for sites ‘Powered by FileMaker’

On 4/12/2000, Dawn Porter (Rice) of Paris, IL, USA wrote:
I’m a graduate of Wickenburg Az, the year 1989…Looking for old school friends…hope to here from someone soon…My father still owns a small business in the local area.

On 4/9/2000, Chuck Williams-Kirk of Wittmann, AZ, USA wrote:
I was trying to find an online newspaper to check the Help Wanted section for a possible job change. Living here in Wittmann I’m right in the middle between Wickenburg and Peoria where I currently work as a computer repair technician. If anyone knows of any job openings in my field please feel free to email me at the following address: putertek@mindspring.com

On 4/6/2000, Janice Breniser of Oak Harbor, WA, USA wrote:
Graduated from Wickenburg High in “63 and will be coming to the 2000 reunion in June..also am coming back to AZ to live as soon as I sell my property here on Whidbey Island where I came some 20 odd years ago as a Navy wife. Time to scrape the the mold off and come back to the lovely heat!!

On 3/20/2000, Amy Brown of Tucson, Arizona, USA wrote:
The saguaro cam is sooooooooo coooooooool!

On 3/10/2000, David Watson of Newton, AL, USA wrote:
I am in the process of possibly moving to Wickenburg, AZ from Wicksburg. AL. I have a teen son in high school and would like info pertaining to the quality of the HS there. What are the average house rentals for a 3BR house that would allow well behaved pets. I lived in Tucsun for 12 years before leaving AZ but we are returning. For the dedicated locals, should I consider Wickenburg or Show Low as the place to relocate. (jobs are at both locations. I lean to Wickenburg becausr Show Low has serious winter. ) Your comments please. Thank you, David Watson Please e-mail at drwwicks@aol.com

On 3/8/2000, Carey Deutscher of Bothell, wa, USA wrote:
Thank you for the picture tour of the town. The photo of the covered walkway shows the real flavor of the town or at least my impression of “coziness”. It also showed a very clean town which seemed to imply less wind here then higher up in Prescott. We plan to visit the area late this fall and see the valleys which run from Phoenix west and north. Again it almost seems like I have already picked up a taste for your town… just from the pictures.

On 3/2/2000, Jerry Moseley of Port Townsend, WA., USA wrote:
The best for the summer , Look foward to seeing wickenburg next winter . Have Real Estate there. Jerry

On 2/25/2000, mark hiller of Chehalis, WA, USA wrote:
Well Judy, Wickenburg certainly looks like a neat place. Maybe a little too hot for this Washingtonian but for you, a piece of cake. Good luck down there and hope to see you real soon. It won’t be before my truck’s air conditioner is fixed though! mark and margaret

On 2/17/2000, Sandra Conley of Wickenburg, Az, USA wrote:
Maria, What a great job! Your coverage of Gold Rush events is terrific, almost like being there. Your website is a real asset to the community and for all those folks from far-off places just catching a glimpse of our little town, we invite you to join us for next years Gold Rush Days! Thank you again. Sandy

On 2/14/2000, Joe Pierce of Glendale Heights, Illinois, USA wrote:
I just visited Wickenburg this weekend for Gold Rush Days and I have never seen more beauty in my life. I’ll tell you it was hard getting on the plane and even harder getting pack off in Chicago.


On 2/12/2000, Steve Kouts of Van Wert, Ohio, USA wrote:
I receive the local paper every week to kep up on the news. Have been to Wickeburg many times. I also stay in Wickenburg when I have to do some work at DamilerChrysler Proving grounds. You have a great little town. Keep up the good work – and yes you have a great retirement town. I hope to make it out sometime during Gold Rush Days. Looks great.

On 2/1/2000, Dave Smith of , NE, USA wrote:
This is cool

On 1/25/2000, Marc Andrew of Anchorage, Alaska, USA wrote:
Looking foreward to visiting Wickenburg again as soon as possible…I think the people are very nice. Sincerely: Marc Andrew of Anchorage, Ak.

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