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Old Guest Book 2001 Entries

The following are the entries that appeared in the original wickenburg-az.com Guest Book for the year 2001. That Guest Book was discontinued when we switched to the new Web site format on January 1, 2006.

On 12/13/2001, Norman Hoyt of Alexandria, LA, USA wrote:
My nephew and wife and 2 children are planning to move to your town in the near future. He mentioned your sight. I look forward to visiting them and your town when they get settled. Norman Hoyt

On 12/4/2001, Roger Stevenson of St. John’s, Nfld, Canada wrote:
I am a charter pilot on Canada’s east coast and will be in Wickenburg for an overnite next Monday. After viewing this site I am very much looking forward to my brief stay.


On 10/8/2001, Vicente Reyes of Tremonton, Utah, USA wrote:
I moved from Wickenburg a few months ago and i sure do miss it i was a student at Wikenburg High “Go Wranglers” and i hope that some time soon i can move back i miss all my friends and family if any of you happen to read this give me a call love you guys Vince.

On 8/13/2001, Tom Matlock of Wickenburg, AZ, USA wrote:
I got to your site by trial and error. I knew there had to be someone in Wickie who cared enough to do this, and plugged “wickenburg” into google. You’re doing an excellent job. We can keep in touch with “home” from our summer spot in Dolores CO. Please vist our page if you have time. It’s a work in progress!

On 6/15/2001, Susan Lovell of Wickenburg, AZ, USA wrote:
Have you seen the ad for a spastic bladder medicine on HGTV?? The ad shows a couple taking a trip to Phoenix via Aguila, Wickenburg, Peoria, etc. The ad also includes a shot of the Cowboy Cafe sign. Very amusing!

On 6/12/2001, Keith & Tracy Tyner of Great Falls, MT, USA wrote:
Just wanted to say HI!!! to any of our old friends, if there are any left. We really miss Wickenburg, at least Tracy does. We were back in April and were suprised at the change and growth. But it is still home even though we only lived there 10 years. Keep up the good work and keep this site going. God Bless, we love and miss you all. Keith and Tracy

On 6/5/2001, Liz Linton of Ukiah, USA wrote:
I am trying desperately to locate a Wickenburg resident. His daughter is seriously ill and I have not been able to contact him at the phone number & address I have. His name is Rick (Richard) Barnes. If anyone knows him, please pass this message along. I would appreciate your help.

On 4/22/2001, Bob Nikolai of Dade City, FL 33525, USA wrote:
Enjoyed this site very much. Have driven thru Wickenburg and always thought it a very attractive town. Just keyed in WickenburgAZ.com and there it was. Thanks for such a well done site. Hope to visit as a tourist, not as a driver just passing through on appointed rounds. Bob Nikolai

On 4/16/2001, T. Mathis of Show Low, AZ, USA wrote:
You have a nice website besides the Sun, but just wondering why there isn’t information about the local high school sports. Someone needs to do a better job than the Sun.

On 4/10/2001, A.J. Albarado of Ellsworth, WI, USA wrote:
I used to live in wickenburg with my mom, Darcy Wilsey, and i miss the place very much. this website keeps me up to date with all the info i need. thanks for keeping it up to date!

On 3/27/2001, Jack Harley of Leesburg, Florida, USA wrote:
I met the Director of the Wickenburg Institute for Factual Diversity via e-mail, through a mutual friend, and searched for your website. I have enjoyed it so much, along with Jim’s clever wit, that I have placed Wickenburg on top of my list to visit and if future plans permit, relocate. Thanks for a great website. Jack Harley

On 3/26/2001, Kenneth Anderson of Kempton, Illinois, USA wrote:
We found Wickenberg by accident, driving to Las Vegas about 3 yrs ago.. We had a very enjoyable 2 day stay..and are hoping to get back soon.. NICE WEB SITE.. Ken

On 3/25/2001, Bonnie Tracey of Phoenix, Arizona, USA wrote:
I just love www.wickenburg-az.com! your site is full of interesting information and fresh up to date news.

On 3/11/2001, Julian Weiant of Lebanon, PA, USA wrote:
My wife and I visit Wickenburg every year. We truly love the town and the residents. I check the web site frequently for news in the Wickenburg area. Kepp up the good work.

On 3/9/2001, David Oldacre of Waterloo, Quebec, Canada wrote:
I visited this site via Arizona Highways, and will be vacationing in Arizona Apr 04-19/2001, and we will probably visit Wickenburg during our vacation

On 3/8/2001, Shirley Meyer of Big River, CA, USA wrote:
I have been visiting wickenburg-az.com for over a year, I truly enjoy seeing all the photo’s of my home town. You are a remarkable woman and seem to enjoy the very best of life styles! I also enjoy your personal web page, love Jake and Cherokee and the Coop de Ville chickens. Looked for you in the Gold Rush Days Parade, but there were lots of riders with the Wickenburg Horsemen’s Assoc. Thank you for bringing “our” home town into my home.

On 3/4/2001, Mike and Jean Bourgeois of Anoka, MN., USA wrote:
We were in Wickenburg for 2 months. It was the best vaction we have ever had. Liked the small town atmosphere, but close to whatever we wanted. The people are very friendly. Hope to come back next year for another visit.

On 1/22/2001, Clyde Ewing of Woodburn, Oregon, USA wrote:
Jim Cook, the Arizona State Official Prevaricator is a friend of mine and was the first tp tell me about your website. I think it is as well done as any I have seen. Thank you

On 1/21/2001, don petersen of simpsonville, sc, USA wrote:
Was sorry to see that the La Siesta Motor Court is A thing of the past.I helped Mr. Bass start the theater for him to show his desert pictures.My Mother worked for the Basses for a while also.It will not be the same coming onto Wickenburg from Phoenix now.I will always have my memories of the work and the beautiful pictures that were shown in Mr Bass’s Theater.

On 1/6/2001, laura mcgehee of rahway, new jersey, USA wrote:
Thank you so much for your great site ….i check in at least once a day ….my mother and i may move there in a year or so… keep up the good work…thanks….laura

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