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The Lost Dutchman Sawmill

You’ve heard about the Lost Dutchman Mine, an entire pageant of creative stories. It’s a sad tale, for a mine is a terrible thing to waste.

Let me tell you about a lesser-known marvel, the Lost Dutchman Sawmill. Many people don’t know that lumbering was once a big part of Arizona’s economy. Easterners used to think we were lying when we bragged about the largest stand of ponderosa pine in the world, spread across the plateau above the Mogollon Rim.

They still think I’m lying when I tell about the summers when I pruned pine trees. It is true-crews of …

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Vulture Peak Trail Hike

Vulture Peak’s distinctive shape has become a symbol of Wickenburg for many. But did you know that you can climb to its top? In mid-January, while horseback riding in the area, we met an older gentleman who proudly told us he’d done it. A week later, we returned with good hiking shoes, an out of town guest, and a friend’s dog to see if we could do the same.

The Drive

Getting to the Vulture Peak Trailhead is simple. From the center of town, take 60 (Wickenburg Way) west to the stop light at Safeway. Make a left onto Vulture …

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A Shadow Of Himself

Groundhog Day is pretty much a useless observance in the desert Southwest. If a groundhog came out and saw his shadow in Arizona, he’d probably get on a bus and go back to Pennsylvania.

Whether he saw his shadow or not, we’d be in for six more days of winter–a cold day here, a cold day there, spread over six weeks.

However, Arizonans have never been able to decide whether to be distinctively themselves, or to be like the people back east, where they came from. (A few of us were born here, and we’re really confused.) So Arizonans have …

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Cosmic Clarity In Sedona

I have kept this secret bottled up inside so long it’s starting to hurt, so I’m going to share it with you. Some time ago, I saw a TV news clip about one of the New Age “power sources” at Sedona–one of the vertiginous vortices where a person can find power to cope with life. There, among the junipers and the rabbit brush, was a circle of rocks around a swept area of the hard red earth. I thought, “Uh-oh, the Cook brothers did it again.”

These last few years, I have been out of touch with Sedona. In fairness, …

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