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Urban Legends Thrive in Cowburg

Chauncey is a victim of good mental health. If not for that, he might now be a legend in the big eastern city where his name used to be a household word.

Instead, he is the unwilling victim of a growing “urban legend” in a small Arizona town.

Chauncey was a star in his market. But he got sick of the community of critics clamoring in his head. He found psychiatric help, and a good antidepressant drug.

That ruined his career in talk radio. Chauncey was fired for encouraging reasonable call-ins. His wife, who liked being married to a celebrity, …

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The Digit Stampede of 2002

We’re still crunching numbers around here. The little digits are all over the tile floors at the Wickenburg Institute For Factual Diversity. We have swept and vaccuumed, but we still hear them crunching when we walk.

I brought it on myself when I asked 24 billion bits of information to replicate themselves onto zip discs.

That stirred up all the bits, bytes and pixels–made all those ones and zeroes restless. When they got the chance–again, my fault–they ran amok. Stampeded.

I love computers, and I hate computers. I’ve been using them for 25 years, and I have owned a PC …

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Antlers in the Attic

In the jargon of emotional guidance, “the elephant in the living room” is a metaphor for the obvious problem that no one talks about: drugs, alcohol, rotten table manners.

People think that if you don’t talk about the problem, it will go away. An elephant in the living room is not so distressing as a bison in the bedroom, except that an elephant is usually bigger than a bison.

Now we have to report elk, plural, in the den of a home near Flagstaff. Also in the bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and the loft.

The human family that owns the …

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