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The Book is Here!

We told you last spring that The Journal Of Prevarication would soon be a book. Would we lie?

Arizona Liar's JournalArizona Liar’s Journal is here, and boy, are we proud. The 52 yarns–some old, some new–are illustrated by Jim Willoughby, the best cowboy cartoonist in the world. There’s even a special Cook family photo album, included at no charge.

Janice Coggin of Cowboy Miner Productions and Gwen Henson of SageBrush Publications dressed the book up real pretty.

We think it looks like a million bucks, but it won’t cost you nearly that much. No, sirree. You can buy this copiously illustrated 224-page book for just $14.95, plus $4.50 shipping and handling.

Send checks or money orders to Jim Cook, The Wickenburg Institute For Factual Diversity, P.O. Box 1024, Wickenburg AZ 85358-1024.

Sorry, no livestock or IOUs. We’re working on credit card capabilities, so folks can run up their consumer debt while buying books for Christmas gifts. If you order more than one book, please add $1 shipping for each additional book.

Thanks for your patience.

Jim Cook
Official State Liar of Arizona

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