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Long Arm of the Law

Around the time that Arizona Territory became the State of Arizona, Ambrose Kilroy spent his days hanging around the Capitol in Phoenix, looking for people to talk to.

He was tall and lean. He wore an expensive Stetson hat and a dark suit. The empty left sleeve of the suit was tucked into his coat pocket.

Kilroy would tell new acquaintances, “Friends call me ‘Kill’ for short. I never could tolerate the name Ambrose.”

Which seemed odd to those who knew him, for it was widely believed that Ambrose Kilroy was not the name he had been born with.

It …

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Life In A Small Town On The Middle Fork Of The Hassayampa

It wouldn’t surprise me if outgoing Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura showed up here this winter. It has to be lonely in Minnesota, given the number of Minnesota license plates that have already shown up in Wickenburg and its satellite to the south, the Phoenix metropolitan area.

The winter visitor season is just beginning. By mid-January, the population of greater Wickenburg will double, but it will still be a pleasant small town. Our phone book is barely a quarter of an inch thick. People here are friendly, but not aggressively so.

We are not in the landing pattern of any airline. …

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Maggie the Suntanned Mermaid

He wore olive drab work clothes with the sleeves rolled down, and a fedora hat was pulled low. From what little of him was showing, I couldn’t guess if he was 75, or 105.

He climbed onto the counter stool next to me at the coffee shop and we began an awkward conversation. He said his name was Smokey.

He said, “You’re the official state liarof Arizona.”

“Yep,” I said. I noticed that he had smoke-grey eyes, and although he mostly stared straight ahead, he gave the impression of always looking out behind him.

He said, “I read your stuff …

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The Election Was a Dead Heat

Two years ago, Arizona voters approved a law to exempt graves and cemeteries from taxation.

It was a political payoff to all the dead voters who had continued to cast ballots long after their expiration dates. One corpse was elected to the Legislature and served two terms before his secret was discovered.

Here we are on the eve of another election,and there’s nothing nearly that interesting on the 2002 ballot.

I’m a wishy-washy member of the party that believes the Lord helps those who help themselves, especially if themselves are rich.

However, I frequently vote for candidates from the party …

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