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New Year's Resolutions

Be it resolved that in 2003, I will not drink from empty bottles, or swim in empty rivers.

I will not compete in team roping contests. I will not run for public office, or join a religious order.

Usually, I don’t make resolutions. I hate to disappointment myself. But 2003 may be my last chance to become a new man. I have really worked on these, and you’re welcome to adopt any that might work for you.

It is my firm resolve to avoid procrastination. I will do the things that need to be done in 2003, catch up on …

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The Hero of Goat Gap

Maybe you heard about the inflatable, singing Santa Claus that was stolen in the little town of Mesick, Michigan, a few days ago.

He was seven feet tall. He stood outside a store and sang “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” Over and over again.

Someone kidnapped him. Police found beer bottles and cigarette butts at the crime scene, suggesting that rowdies took him as a prank.

Somebody’s always messing with Christmas. I admit that the commercial season is a bit much, and I’m jaded at times. But something always happens to restore my spirits, and my gladness that Christ …

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Old Guest Book 2002 Entries

The following are the entries that appeared in the original wickenburg-az.com Guest Book for the year 2002. That Guest Book was discontinued when we switched to the new Web site format on January 1, 2006.

On 12/4/2002, Dan Schwimmer of Scottsdale, AZ, USA wrote: I love the site. I am going to move to Wickenburg as soon as I am done with college. Phoenix is too big, and getting like L.A. Can’t wait to get to Wickenburg.

On 11/23/2002, David Wirth of Cheektowag, New York, USA wrote: Hi, I am from the city of Cheektowaga, NY, Just south of Buffalo …

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The Gilagator Is Not A Croc

Ervin, a new graduate of Texas A&M, thought that if he was to give himself a proper start in life, he needed a pair of alligator cowboy boots.

This was more than 30 years ago, when Texas A&M was not the sophisticated university that now presents itself. Today you can hardly find the words “agricultural and mechanical” on the Aggie website, but back then it was a cow college, and Aggies were the butts of many rude jokes.

Even that long ago, a good pair of handmade alligator boots sold for $700, which was beyond the means of a country …

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