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Putting the Cow Back in the Can

My mom told only one lie that I can remember. She’d say, “I talk until I’m blue in the face, and you kids just don’t listen!”

She lived to be almost 90, and we never did see her turn blue. She just wouldn’t have done a thing like that. I regret the aggravation we caused her, but she was avenged by her grandkids.

Mom was usually talking sternly to my brother Dean and me; our sister Wanda came along years later. Dean shows up in a lot of my stories, and he doesn’t argue when his memories don’t agree with …

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The Jail Tree

by Betty June Maxwell Fee and Larry DeSpain

[Webmaster Note: Betty June Maxwell Fee sent this as an e-mail message to me in response to Larry DeSpain’s Guest Book comment. I appreciate getting first-hand information about Wickenburg from folks who lived here long ago and hope everyone learns something from her comments. Here’s the entire message.]

I happened to be browsing and discovered your Web site on Wickenburg.While visiting your site I came across this letter.

As a child I lived in Wickenburg from 1947 through 1951. I attended first grade in the one-room school house that is now the …

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"I Moved Here Because of Your Web Site"

The other day, while stopped at a traffic light, a young woman pulled up beside me. She spent a few moments staring at me while we waited for the light to turn green. Then her passenger side window slid down and she yelled across to me, “I love your Web site. I moved here because of the things I read on the site. Thanks!”

Then the light turned green and she drove away.

(It isn’t my face that told her I was responsible for wickenburg-az.com. As anyone in town can tell you, my red Jeep is a mobile advertisement for …

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