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What Was That Sucking Sound?

Did you know that sandpaper made with Arizona quicksand allows you to refinish furniture twice as fast?

It’s a fact, certified by the Abrasive Council Of North America. I mean, this stuff is rapid. Arizona produces a dry quicksand, made possible by our renowned “dry heat.”

Mining Arizona quicksand is hazardous, but lucrative. The end product is prized by sandblasters, who can clean the facade of a 40-story granite building in two hours flat.

It is also favored by manufacturers of the 30-minute hourglass, popular with lawyers, fast-food chefs and practical jokers.

Bob Smith of Glendale, a member of our …

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The Desert Caballeros Western Museum is One of Wickenburg's Treasures

About a year after I moved into town, my significant other, Mike, and I took Mike’s mother to the local museum. It was our first visit to the museum and in all honesty, we weren’t expecting much. After all, it doesn’t look like much from the street and Wickenburg’s downtown area has more “Not a Retail Outlet” office space than tourist attractions. But desperate for something easy to do with a 70+ year old woman and not willing to take a drive to Scottsdale for shopping (like she wanted), we figured we’d give it a try.

The Desert Caballeros …

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Local Area Maps, Lesson 1

I found this site while I was surfing the Web and I think I must’ve explored every single link. One of the links, on the Wickenburg Info page, was labeled Wickenburg on the Map. When I clicked it, it took me to Expedia.com and displayed a portion of the Arizona map with Wickenburg near the center. Here’s a cropped version of it.

Well, I’ve been visiting the Wickenburg area for some time now, and maps like these really make me laugh. Look at all the towns they show: Flores, Matthie, Forepaugh….I think I ought to set site visitors straight …

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The View from the Top

The other day, I hiked to the top of Vulture Peak with my significant other, Mike, two of his friends from New Jersey, Jose and Arkady, and Jack the Dog.

The weather wasn’t perfect. It was cloudy and, about halfway up to the saddle, the skies opened up and dumped rain and sleet on us. I was the only one in our party who’d had the foresight to wear a raincoat. Jose, who was wearing a cotton sweater, got very wet. But the rain moved off to the northeast as we reached the saddle.

I was breathless. The hike to …

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