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One Man's Trash

During her morning briefing, Elaine told Matt about the yard sale they were going to have. Matt was not enthusiastic.

Having yard sales is pretty much a woman thing, Matt told her. “Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s junk,” he said.

“Treasure,” Elaine corrected him, then saw the sly smile on his face.

Matt continued, “Besides, living in a small town, we probably won’t get many customers.”

Elaine and Matt live in Cowburg, sixty miles from Phoenix. He’s a retired postal worker (gruntled) and she retired as librarian at Cowburg High School.

As he thought about the yard sale, …

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I Can See Through Women (Right!)

In 1846, General Stephen W. Kearny’s Army Of The West crossed the land that would later become Arizona, en route to help liberate San Diego from Mexico.

Kearny’s army followed the Gila River across Arizona, through an alien land. Lieutant Colonel William H. Emory of the Army Corps Of Topographical Engineers made a detailed and sometimes salty report of the journey.

He said nothing in the region resembled any part of the United States. The soldiers thought the terrain was worthless until they reached the Pima and Maricopa villages south of Phoenix, where the native people excelled at agriculture.

Kearny’s …

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