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What this is is a HOT Heat

So, how hot is it here in the cradle of global warming?

As I write this, it’s 110 outside. We’re still waiting for rain, as we have since 1992.

If I should step outside my air-conditioned house, the heat would jump on me, knock me down and wrap itself around me. I won’t leave the house until October.

It is so hot that shadows huddle in the shade.

The intense sunshine unravels barbed wire. But the cows don’t get out, because it’s too hot to go anywhere. One fellow we know took off the top strand of his fence so …

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Monsoon Season is Here!

Well, Arizona’s “Monsoon Season” is finally upon us — although we haven’t had a drop of rain at our house.

According to The Weather Glossary on Weather.com, monsoon is defined as:

The seasonal shift of winds created by the great annual temperature variation that occurs over large land areas in contrast with associated ocean surfaces. The monsoon is associated primarily with the moisture and copious rains that arrive with the southwest flow across southern India. The name is derived from the word mausim, Arabic for season. This pattern is most evident on the southern and eastern sides of Asia, although …

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Arizona Place Names

I was in Prescott recently, walking along Whiskey Row, and decided to spend some time browsing my favorite local bookstore, The Worm. (Wickenburg’s only bookstore sells Christian books, which is fine if all you like to read is Christian books. Personally, I prefer a little variety in my reading material, and I’m saddened that I have to either shop online or drive 40 or more miles to satisfy my appetite for books.)

The Worm stocks a variety of brand new local interest books, best sellers, and used books. It doesn’t stock the books I write, which are computer books, but …

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