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Navel Intelligence

For a long time, I thought I was the only person on earth who was born without a belly button.

My parents wouldn’t talk about it. I figured maybe I was hatched from a seven-pound egg.

I avoided the showers after high school gym class, and during Army basic training. I knew that if my lack of a navel was discovered, the other guys would taunt me.

A lot of people want everyone else to be just like them, and they’re usually the people I don’t want to be like. Still, it would have been nice to have a belly …

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Could It Be Over?

Last night, I opened the windows before I went to bed.

To those of you reading this from your summer homes in the midwest, that might not like seem like a big deal. But anyone who has lived through an Arizona monsoon season can tell you that opening the windows at night is just a good way to throw air conditioning dollars out the window. Most nights during the hot season are just too hot to let the air in.

But last night was different. At 9:30, when I was ready to turn in for the night, it was pleasantly …

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EnHancing the Canyon

We’re going to let a guest writer author this edition of The Journal Of Prevarication. I wish I knew his name, because he wrote a delightful yarn.

I hate it when the talking heads on Channel 12 or CNN hold the news hostage: “At 6:22, we’re going to tell you about the asteroid that is due to destroy the earth at 6:21. But first…”

But first, I need to explain where this yarn comes from. I am sorting and organizing a chaotic collection of paper that goes back fifty-three years, to the beginning of my writing career.

It is a …

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