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Could It Be Over?

Last night, I opened the windows before I went to bed.

To those of you reading this from your summer homes in the midwest, that might not like seem like a big deal. But anyone who has lived through an Arizona monsoon season can tell you that opening the windows at night is just a good way to throw air conditioning dollars out the window. Most nights during the hot season are just too hot to let the air in.

But last night was different. At 9:30, when I was ready to turn in for the night, it was pleasantly cool outside. I opened the windows and the french door in my bedroom. I even spent a while outside on the patio, marvelling at the shadows cast by the full moon and listening to my horses shuffle around in their enclosure down in the wash.

Now, as I sit at my desk typing this, I can look out toward the north at the flat top of Antelope Peak. The skies there are clear. Heck, the skies everywhere out my window are pretty darn clear. At 2:30 PM, during monsoon season, that’s an oddity. So I wonder…could it be over?

This year’s monsoon season wasn’t very impressive. We did have a few good storms — enough to green up the desert, making it a joy to behold on a drive or early morning flight.

Last Thursday, one of the airport fuelers called me to report marble-sized hail and water coming in through the terminal door. The 20+ knot winds that day were enough to tear our beautiful American flag. That same night, Wickenburg was mentioned on the Weather Channel as a place where “washes were overflowing.” We took the Jeep out to see for ourself. The only wash that was flowing was Sols, and it was flowing pretty darn good. But I wouldn’t say it was overflowing.

And last night, as I drove down to the valley for some shopping, I did notice water flowing under the bridge across the Hassayampa. So we did get some water. Let’s hope it was enough.

I don’t mind if monsoon season is over. This year seemed like one of the hottest I’d lived through. My husband and I made some decisions for next summer. Those snowbirds are doing one thing right — they’re staying out of Arizona during the hot season. Next year, we’ll be spending more time on our little ranch north of Williams with our horses, dog, and parrot, escaping the heat!

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