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Ghost Bus Prowls Highway 93

Some people call it the Ghost Bus of U.S. 93, and others call it the Ghost Bus of Union Pass.

Fortunately, there is only one. What they call it depends on where the silent motorcoach overtakes them, and scares the starch right out of their clothes.

Comedians who haven’t actually seen the ghost bus call it the “Grim Weeper,” mocking reports that its headlights weep tears of molten chromium.

Don’t scoff until you’ve seen the coach in your own rearview mirror. Before the Grim Weeper overtook me near Burro Creek, I was two inches taller and did not have this …

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A Really Mean Man

I love stories in which the good guys win, especially when the villain is a low-down skunk like Snake Plumber.

Actually, skunks avoided Snake–they couldn’t stand the scent of him. Eventually, justice triumphed over mean old Snake Plumber, in a most emphatic way.

Miss Ellie and I were roaming the hills of southern Yavapai County, as we often do. We visited the sparse ruins of one ghost town, Pato Azul, and the tailings of the Moribund Mine, a famous silver diggings.

Heading home, we turned a bend in the road and there was Consolation, or what was left of it. …

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