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The Day They Invented Dry Ice

I’m glad the spring thaw has ended. The sound of ice breaking up on the Middle Fork of the Hassayampa River kept me awake for several nights.

It was dry ice, of course, since the Hassayampa is a dry river. Dry ice was invented here, you know.

We’ve had a few chilly, rainy days lately. One woman stood on the steps of the post office and declared, “I can’t wait for summer to get here.” In Medieval times, she’d have been stoned. Maybe she was.

But the spring thaw was followed immediately by three days of 90-degree-plus temperatures, an ominous …

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Help Save My Lying, Dying Computer

I want to tell you about my newest book, The Arizona Liar’s Almanac, and maybe sell you a copy.

You’ll have to bear with me. My powerful HP computer ingested its own hard drive last week, and it’s in the shop. This Dell laptop is not so experienced at lying as my main computer.

The HP is driven by special liar’s software developed right here at the Wickenburg Institute for Factual Diversity; the laptop wants to argue with me all the time.

Over the last couple of years, my long-time friend Sam Lowe wrote a book called Arizona Curiosities, part …

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Wickenburg Loses Two Valuable Members of the Community

Late last month, Wickenburg lost two very valuable members of the community. I’d like to take a moment to share my thoughts about these two fine people.

Viola Wellik

Vi Wellik, owner of the Flying E Guest and Cattle Ranch, may have done more for this town than any other citizen — at least any other citizen I’ve heard of.

Mrs. Wellik and her late husband, George, donated the land that Wickenburg Municipal Airport Wellik Field sits on. Mrs. Wellik also donated the adjacent land, which is now Sunset Park. And more recently, she donated the funds necessary to move …

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