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Excelsior! We Conquer Heat

Letters and e-mails from readers keep coming in to The Journal:

Dear Mr. Cook,

I just heard on CNN that scientists think the amount of sunlight reaching the earth has diminished. How is this going to affect us here in Arizona?

– Pete in Parker

Bad science, Pete, probably financed by people who sell light bulbs.

The Wickenburg Institute For Factual Diversity measures sunlight daily. Just today, I took my magnifying glass outside and focused the sun on a shake shingle to see if I could set it afire.

The magnifying glass caught fire in two and half minutes, the …

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Wickenburg Info

To the folks in big cities like Phoenix, Wickenburg is just one of the many little desert towns scattered throughout Arizona. But Wickenburg residents know that it’s much more. Here’s some information about Wickenburg — you may be surprised by what this town has to offer.

Brief History

In 1863 Henry Wickenburg discovered gold at Vulture Mine, which eventually became one of the richest gold-producing mines in Arizona. In the early 1900’s, as the mine played out, ranching and tourism took over as economic mainstays of the area. Wickenburg was incorporated in 1909.


Wickenburg is approximately 60 miles northwest …

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Our Readers Write

We need to catch up with letters from readers, before the prospect of summer heat makes us too giddy for words, and I begin to estivate.

Spring is fast fading. Most paloverde trees, which painted the desert gold for a few weeks, have turned a duller green, but there’s still color out there. Prickly pear cactus are bursting with yellow blossoms.

Ironwood trees are blooming ten-penny nails. Okay, that’s my annual ironwood joke; the trees are actually covered with delicate lavender blossoms.

It’s too hot, too early, and we’re in a critical drought. Some people are dipping into their emergency …

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