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Wickenburg Info

To the folks in big cities like Phoenix, Wickenburg is just one of the many little desert towns scattered throughout Arizona. But Wickenburg residents know that it’s much more. Here’s some information about Wickenburg — you may be surprised by what this town has to offer.

Brief History

In 1863 Henry Wickenburg discovered gold at Vulture Mine, which eventually became one of the richest gold-producing mines in Arizona. In the early 1900’s, as the mine played out, ranching and tourism took over as economic mainstays of the area. Wickenburg was incorporated in 1909.


Wickenburg is approximately 60 miles northwest of Central Phoenix, where State Route 60 meets State Route 93. To travelers between Phoenix and Las Vegas, NV, it’s a perfect place to stop for a bite to eat and a tank of gas. Those of us who live here know that it’s much more than that!


The 2000 US Census reported Wickenburg’s population to be 5,082. This population almost doubles in the winter months as seasonal residents return.


The town’s facilities include several parks, three public schools, a public pool, a municipal airport, and a regional hospital.

Tourism and Industry

Traditionally, tourism, cattle ranching, and agriculture have been the main economic activities in Wickenburg. There are many motels, guest ranch/resorts, bed-and-breakfast lodges, mobile home parks, RV parks, and campgrounds.

A number of light industrial users now occupy parts of Wickenburg’s industrial airpark on the western edge of town. Wickenburg is also home to a number of world-renowned medical facilities, including Remuda Ranch, The Meadows, and Rosewood.


Wickenburg’s weather is typical of the desert southwest, but tends to be cooler than nearby Phoenix, primarily because of its slightly higher elevation.

Average Temperature (°F) Average Total Precipitation


Daily Maximum Daily Minimum
January 63 30 1.00
February 67 33 0.88
March 71 37 1.09
April 81 43 0.50
May 90 50 0.15
June 99 58 0.17
July 104 70 1.21
August 101 68 2.24
September 96 59 1.04
October 86 47 0.58
November 73 36 0.75
December 65 31 1.16


Airport Information

Wickenburg Municipal Airport (E25) Coordinates: 33°58.14’N 112°47.91’W
Elevation (at airport): 2386 feet

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23 comments to Wickenburg Info

  • Phebe Warren

    I love your website! I voted…I have always been firmly against individuals with personal interests being in positions where they can inflict their agenda(s) on the masses, with often deleterious results.

    I can’t wait to visit your lovely town with my Mom (we are thinking of relocating from the crazy, stressful Phoenix metro area). I am very grateful to your website and the information provided!

  • Lynda

    What churches are located in Wickenburg? I will be visiting in October and I am a Christian. Wouldn’t want to miss service!

  • Mary

    Looking for a 55+ mobile home park in the Wickenburg area or nearby town. Would like to purchase park model with 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths. Must be clean but would consider fixer-up if not a major project.

    I would be there in the winter, adult son relocating from the east would be full time.

    Any suggestions on where to start looking?

    Thanks, Mary

  • Alexandra

    I am thinking of attending the Remuda Ranch but am unable to find someone to take care of my two dogs, both small size…15lbs…is there an animal lover who would be able to care for them while I am at the Ranch? I know this is a longshot but I’m at a loss here.


  • Hi residents of Wickenburg ,

    I’m trying to locate one of your residents . a James Ducas . if you

    know him could you have him contact Ron Hall at

    ubrond@clearwire.net .

    Thank You

  • Susan Bridge

    I visited Wickenburg last summer while staying with my daughter in Phoenix. I learned a lot about life in the West while there. I was particularly impressed with the statue,’Thanks for the rain’ outside the museum. I am doing a presentation to a local group and wanted to include the text of the lovely poem inscribed beneath it. Could anyone in Wickenburg reply with the words. I would be so grateful. Thank you.

  • Paula

    looking for prices on houses for rent…

  • Penelope Powers

    Hi Folks, there was a guy selling carved Tikis on the side of the road just outside of town on the way up to Las Vegas. Think it was I-95/93. Any idea who this guy is and any phone #? There was a sign just outside his motorhome with his phone # advertising his. My husband would like another Tiki but I’m not driving 3-4 just to go get one in case he’s no longer there. Any help in locating this bloak would be greatly appreciated. You can reach my husband, Buddy, or me @ 702-413-9601. Thanx for your time,
    Penelope Powers

  • Lynne

    I just found his info online. Here you go… R&K Carvings (480) 652-1785 His name is Richard Cleghorn (the “K” is for his wife Kay)

  • Pat Jansen

    Never heard of Wickenburg before my friend Jeanne informed me of their impending move to the city. Our loss will be Wickenburg’s gain. Seems like a wonderful, quaint town and I am sure Jeanne and her husband will be welcomed for the fantastic people they are.

  • Gary & Ginger Menefee

    We are looking to move to Arizona in the very near future, and get out of the cold Northern Kentucky climate. The town of Wickenburg sounds exactly like what we are looking for in a place to live. I am retired, but Ginger works. She is a “horse-person” who has ridden horses most of her life. We are interested in renting either a house, or mobile home, but MUST have a garage (for my 3 motorcycles). She is looking for employment in the tourist industry, leading tourists out on trail rides, etc….as long as she is employed around horses. Any info on housing and employment on a ranch would be deeply appreciated!

  • Daryl Drake

    Gary, there is plenty of housing available for rent or purchase, from apartments to large horse properties, but employment is scarce.
    Sale prices off 50% from the highs, according to Zillow.

    I believe many of the ranch hands around here enjoy seasonal employment at best. Only a couple ranches offer tour rides for tourists.

    BTW, only in the low 40’s here today, and we can see plenty of snow on the hills a few miles north. Sunny here, though.

  • LaVerne Mallon

    Is there some kind of theatre that has concerts? If there is please provide me with the name and how I can find out the other events coming. I thought some neighbors were going there tonight for a concert but i don’t see anything on your web site. Please let me know. Thanks for your help.

    • Brett M. Gerasim

      The Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts is the go-to place in Wickenburg for concerts and such. You will find upcoming events and ticket sales at: http://delewebbcenter.org/

      The Webb Center is a nice, small venue, so you’re close to the performances and need not worry about “bad” seating. Seasons run through the winter months.

  • Gary & Ginger Menefee

    Is there a Doctor in Wickenburg? Being on total disability, with a lot of pain as well as other issues, I need monthly visits to a saw-bones for meds. So, just wondering as I am seriously looking to relocate there.


  • Allan Hall

    Wickenburg has a Community Hospital and there are a number of doctors and clinics in town. I suggest that you contact the hospital staff at (928) 684-5421 to obtain more detailed information.

  • Norm Roach

    Looking for a link/links to RV parks for snowbirds. Can anyone direct me to what I’m obviously overlooking?


  • Bernie Cowsert

    Any golf?

  • Jamie

    Question from a concerned daughter: My mother is considering buying in Wickenburg. Is it a safe community for my single mom? Next question: Are there quilt shops? safety and quilting…very important! Thank you!

    • JoAnn

      Jamie, I have lived in the area for 15 years. Wickenburg is safer than Phoenix by far and a beautiful little western town. There are MANY RV parks filled with friendly neighbors who lookout for one another. There is a little quilt shop in town and 30 miles south in Surprise there is a Micheal’s and a Super Walmart.

  • sally

    please, name & phone #’s of flower shops in Wickenburg.