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Progress? At What Cost?

It broke my heart to see the bulldozers leveling the area that once housed the Big Corral.

Situated on the southern bank of Sols Wash in downtown Wickenburg, the Big Corral was one of the few links left to the old days of Wickenburg, when it really was a western town. It was a horse boarding facility that also offered trail rides. The corrals were old and run down and the building looked as if it had been built in the 19th century. The whole area was surrounded by desert vegetation, including plenty of trees that blocked the view of …

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June Weather in Wickenburg

The other day, someone called me in my office to ask for a copy of the previous day’s weather report.

No, I am not the weather bureau. But until recently, my company, Flying M Air, managed the FBO at Wickenburg Airport. The caller assumed that we had some kind of fancy weather station at the airport that generated regular weather reports. (Or maybe he thought we were an official observation station for the Weather Channel.) I explained that the airport has an off-the-shelf weather station that my husband and I installed. It provides a readout of current conditions to the …

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He Is Full of Hassayamp!

For the 63rd consecutive year, the Hassayampa River White Water Rafting Regatta has been postponed.

The Wickenburg Port Authority, which sponsors the annual postponement, said it could not find enough rafters who were willing to bring their own rapids.

Just as well. If the Hassayampa had water in it, it would ruin a good gag that has been around for at least 140 years. As president emeritus of The National Liars’ Trust, I’m going to devote what’s left of my life to keeping that story alive.

Here’s how it was told many years ago by Orrick Jackson:

You’ve heard about …

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Too Hot in Wickenburg? Stay In or Get Out!

That time of year is upon us. The temperature is rising, the snowbirds have migrated back to the midwest. Summer is quickly approaching and it’s getting hot.

We year-rounders (the folks who have just one address and it’s in zip code 85390) have a few tips for the folks who might stumble into Wickenburg during hell season. (Can I say that? Well, I’m sure someone will tell me if I can’t.) Or for the folks who recently moved to town, after being assured by a Realtor that 105° doesn’t feel as hot in Arizona as it does in Wisconsin, and …

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