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Warm Spring Canyon

Note: This article, which was formerly titled “Kaiser Hot Springs,” was revised on July 24, 2004 with corrections suggested by David Taylor. David’s comments appear at the end of the article.

My significant other, Mike, is crazy about swimming holes and hot springs. There’s nothing he likes more than to drive or hike to someplace in the middle of nowhere, and wade into a pool of water. Since moving to Arizona in 1996, poor Mike has been starved for such activities. After all, most of our streams and rivers are bone dry most of the year and when they are …

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Lie of the Land

Over the Fourth of July weekend, I showed Miss Ellie Black River and White River.

I explained how Black River and White River join to form Salt River, and that’s why there are striped bass in Salt River.

“No!” she said. “You can’t say that.”

Good thing I didn’t take her to Blue River. I’m saving that for next year.

Miss Ellie was born in Oakland, California. She spent most of her life in Marin County and San Francisco, before she moved to Arizona a decade ago. Seeing my native Arizona through her eyes has been a continuing joy. But …

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Guest Book Says We're Doing Okay

Guest Book Says We’re Doing Okay

by Maria Langer, July 10, 2004

I just spent a few minutes going through some of the more recent entries in our Guest Book. I’m very pleased and a bit flattered.

Almost every entry confirms what I’ve been suspecting for a while: that the site is providing useful information about the town to site visitors. I especially like the entries that refer to articles and comment specifically on them. I see that readers are going on some of our Day Trips and using site information to plan their visits to town.

These comments mean …

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