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Shine On, Harvest Moon!

Last night was the full moon known as the Harvest Moon.

I listen to NPR (that’s National Public Radio for those of you who can’t get past network television). It’s full of news and commentary, but it also features a few informative short features shows that air daily. Earth & Sky is one of these shows. It covers astronomy topics.

The other day Earth & Sky did a few different pieces about the Harvest Moon. Although I already knew a few of the things they mentioned (for example, the Harvest Moon gets its name from the time of year it …

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At Whom Are You Undecided?

Now that we have recovered from vacation, it’s time to pay attention to mail from readers. Here’s a sampling of letters from people who want to talk politics.

Dear Mr. Cook:

Do you know any undecided voters? I need to talk to some in a hurry.

John K. Massachusetts

Dear Jim Cook:

I’m looking for undecided voters. I heard that your Wickenburg Institute for Factual Diversity might have a list of undecided people.

George W. Washington, D.C.

Gentlemen, I have never met so many decided voters in my life. The headstones which used to vote in some Arizona …

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Arizona Charlie: A Spell in the Yukon

Charles Henson Meadows–“Arizona Charlie,” they called him–is not much remembered in Arizona. Too bad.

Charlie was tall, dashing, flamboyant. He wore a flowing moustache and long hair, in the manner of the Wild West showman he was. He had a dozen careers and a thousand schemes. Occasionally, one paid off.

He’s still celebrated in Yukon Territory, where he prospered during the Klondike gold rush. Charlie’s Grand Opera House, now called the Palace Grand Theater, is a landmark in downtown Dawson City.

For fifteen years, I had it in the back of my mind that I’d like to see the Palace …

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