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I Love Wickenburg

Some people who have read my comments here and elsewhere seem to think that I hate Wickenburg. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I love Wickenburg. I love the small-town atmosphere. I love seeing cowboys — real ones — around town. I love being able to leave my car doors unlocked when I park outside the post office or supermarket or library.

I love being surrounded by desert hills, full of trails for my horses or jeep or ATV. I love seeing cows wandering around in the river bed. I love climbing Vulture Peak, where I can look out …

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Politics in Wickenburg Gets Dirty in a Childish Way

I thought I’d seen it all in this town, but it seems I was in for yet another surprise.

I’d been wondering why there were no “Vote No on Proposition 421” signs around town. I knew there were many people who, like me, would prefer Wickenburg to keep its small-town atmosphere. People who want to stop out-of-town developers from packing in high-density housing and departing with their spoils, leaving the town with too many people for its infrastructure to handle. People who want to keep property values high by preventing a glut of cheap housing. People who know when they …

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The Reality Behind Proposition 421

As if there’s not enough misstatements and half truths in the presidential election, now we have to put up with it in our local politics, too. When will it all stop?

I’m talking about Proposition 421 and the yellow flyers the “Committee for Progress” has mailed around town. Someone reading this fanciful document might think that the passing of Prop 421 will transform Wickenburg into something…well, let me use a phrase from the flyer: a “desirable place to visit and live.”

I guess these people don’t think Wickenburg already is a desirable place to visit and live. I also think …

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Get a Few Hummers in Your Yard!

No, I’m not talking about that ridiculous SUV. I’m talking about birds. Hummingbirds.

Some of Wickenburg’s tiniest treasurers are its hummingbirds. These birds, which may be the size of your thumb — or smaller! — are miracles of nature. They beat their wings hundreds of times per second and are the only birds in nature who have the ability to hover in no-wind conditions. Because of their high metabolisms, they must eat throughout the day. But at night, they have the ability to slow their breathing rate by more than 50% and drop their body temperatures by 50° to slow …

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