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Politics in Wickenburg Gets Dirty in a Childish Way

I thought I’d seen it all in this town, but it seems I was in for yet another surprise.

I’d been wondering why there were no “Vote No on Proposition 421” signs around town. I knew there were many people who, like me, would prefer Wickenburg to keep its small-town atmosphere. People who want to stop out-of-town developers from packing in high-density housing and departing with their spoils, leaving the town with too many people for its infrastructure to handle. People who want to keep property values high by preventing a glut of cheap housing. People who know when they see politicians in bed with developers and are outraged that the town’s government would cater to special interest groups that don’t have the town’s best interest at heart.

I asked Dr. Vance Miller, one of the opponents of Prop 421, about this the other night when I ran into him at dinner at Rancho de los Caballeros’ opening night. He told me that they were putting up “Vote No” signs but someone was taking them down every night. I found that hard to believe. How could someone take this fight to the childish level of a school prankster?

But this morning, I got confirmation of his words. Yesterday afternoon, on my way home from work, I saw one of the “Vote No” signs right beside a “Vote Yes” sign. This morning, that sign was gone but the “Vote Yes” sign beside it remained.

So not only have the proponents of Prop 421 sent out misleading flyers to the entire population of the town, but now they’re removing their opponent’s signs in an effort to make it seem as if there’s no one against the proposition. Not only is this childish, but it’s immoral and surely it must be illegal. Are these the kind of people Wickenburg should side with? If they stoop this low, what else are they capable of?

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