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Mexican Restaurants – Three Choices, All Good

If there’s one thing in Wickenburg that there’s no shortage of (other than horse manure), it’s Mexican food. Although most restaurants in town serve at least one Mexican dish, there are three Mexican restaurants — restaurants that serve mostly Mexican food — in town. And the best thing about them is that they’re all different and all good.

Anita’s Cocina

Anita’s Cocina is probably the most popular of the three choices. Located on Valentine Street, right around the block from the movie theater, it specializes in what I call “Gringo Mexican” — that’s Mexican food prepared in an American style.At …

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Prop 421 Fails — Now Let's Get Down to Business

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Prop 421 failed to pass on Tuesday. Bravo, Wickenburg residents! You’re making a clear statement to the local goverment about your feelings regarding unrestricted growth in town.

Now it’s time for the town’s governing bodies and Chamber of Commerce to get off their proverbial butts to build up Wickenburg the right way: by making the town a more attractive place for quality businesses and employers. Only by providing the goods and services residents and visitors need can Wickenburg’s economy grow. Only by attracting employers that pay good wages can Wickenburg attract and keep …

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Screamers Drive-In

Sometimes it takes a really bad burger to remind you where the good burgers are.

Yesterday, Mike and I spent much of the day closing up the trailer on our vacation property north of Williams AZ and transporting the big trailer, the pop-up camper, and my Jeep back down to Wickenburg. The drive took us right through Chino Valley, where we stopped at the Safeway gas station to buy some cheap gas and diesel for our vehicles. It was around lunchtime and we were hungry. On these long haul trips, we usually pop in to the KFC/Taco Bell right there …

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The Cheez-Whiz Referendum

Fifty-three percent of people who live near a Wal-Mart store will vote for George Bush on Tuesday.

I’m not making this up. Miss Ellie read the statistic on the crawl at the bottom of the CNN screen. I don’t doubt it for a minute. For a rich man, Bush is a Wal-Mart kind of guy.

A few minutes later, I saw a graphic on the screen that showed what percentage of mustard lovers would vote for Bush instead of Kerry, and similar statistics for those who like catsup.

I’m not making that up, either. Sorry I wasn’t quick enough to …

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