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Prop 421 Fails — Now Let's Get Down to Business

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Prop 421 failed to pass on Tuesday. Bravo, Wickenburg residents! You’re making a clear statement to the local goverment about your feelings regarding unrestricted growth in town.

Now it’s time for the town’s governing bodies and Chamber of Commerce to get off their proverbial butts to build up Wickenburg the right way: by making the town a more attractive place for quality businesses and employers. Only by providing the goods and services residents and visitors need can Wickenburg’s economy grow. Only by attracting employers that pay good wages can Wickenburg attract and keep the year-round residents that keep the town alive.

We can all help. Instead of taking the long drive down to Surprise or Phoenix the next time you need something available in town, buy it locally. Yeah, it might cost a few pennies more, but consider the savings in gas and your own time. (Unless your time has no value; I know mine does.) By spending your money in town, you’re keeping the local economy healthy, keeping small businesses alive. You’ll also help keep local people employed at those businesses.

Get vocal about the things you think aren’t right in town. Go to town council meetings (if you can stand the bull that gets tossed around every other week) and speak up when you need to. Or better yet, have a meeting with the mayor or a town council member and tell him what you think he should be doing to make Wickenburg better. These are your elected officials, you’ve put them in power. Now use their power to improve Wickenburg. Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper — or to the Webmaster at wickenburg-az.com (Maria will publish almost anything!) — with your views. Come up with good suggestions for improving the year-round economy. If you’re persistent enough, someone will act on your ideas.

Wickenburg is going through a transitional period. It’s our job, as residents of the area, to make sure the transition goes the right way for the future.

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