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Screamers Drive-In

Sometimes it takes a really bad burger to remind you where the good burgers are.

Yesterday, Mike and I spent much of the day closing up the trailer on our vacation property north of Williams AZ and transporting the big trailer, the pop-up camper, and my Jeep back down to Wickenburg. The drive took us right through Chino Valley, where we stopped at the Safeway gas station to buy some cheap gas and diesel for our vehicles. It was around lunchtime and we were hungry. On these long haul trips, we usually pop in to the KFC/Taco Bell right there for chicken strips other assorted fast food, but yesterday I really felt like having a burger. Sonic was right across the street, so we moved the caravan over there and ordered lunch.

To say I was disappointed with my Sonic burger is an understatement. At first, I couldn’t find it among all the other stuff they’d heaped on the thick bread. And I never actually did taste it. I did taste BBQ sauce (which I guess they thought belonged on a bacon cheese burger). But there was no burger flavor. I left unsatisfied and will not buy a Sonic burger again.

On the way home, I asked myself what I expected. The answer was clear: a Screamers burger.

Screamers Drive InPeople who live in Wickenburg and get their burgers at Screamers Drive In are spoiled. We know what it’s like to get a big beef patty that you can not only see but taste. We know what it’s like to have our meal made for us while we wait and, although the wait may sometimes seem a little longer, it’s always worth it. My favorite is the Green Chili Burger with Cheese which includes, as you may have guessed, a big green chili and cheese. It also includes my choice of fixin’s, including lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, catsup, and mustard. And because I’m currently torturing myself with the Atkins diet, I can get it all on a plate rather than a bun, thus eliminating most of the carbs.

A friend of mine swore that Wild Horse West, just south of Lake Pleasant, made better burgers. I tried them. My friend is wrong. Screamers burgers are better. (But if you’re craving a burger down Lake Pleasant way, Wild Horse West is a close second.)

Burgers aren’t the only thing Screamers makes great. I absolutely adore their breakfast burritos, available in the morning until 10:00 AM. You will not get a burrito like it anywhere else in town — and believe me, I’ve checked. Your choice of egg, sausage, bacon, ham, onions, peppers, hash browns, gravy, salsa, and more other things than I can remember. Cooked up to order while you wait. The only reason I don’t stop for a Screamers breakfast burrito every morning on my way to work is because I like it with hash browns and that’s an Akins no-no. But every once in a while, when I’m feeling like telling Dr. Atkins where he can go, I pop in to Screamers and satisfy my breakfast burrito craving.

When I ran the airport FBO and people flew in, I often sent them, by Courtesy Car, to Screamers for breakfast or lunch. No one ever complained. So it obviously isn’t just me who likes what the folks at Screamers cook up.

If you haven’t been to Screamers, what are you waiting for? Stop in for breakfast or lunch one day soon. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. And I don’t think you’ll be visiting the fast food burger joints on East Wickenburg Way again any time soon.

Screamers Drive-In
1151 West Wickenburg Way
Wickenburg, AZ 85390

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5 comments to Screamers Drive-In

  • Rex

    They may make a nice big burger, but they aren’t that good and way overpriced. 18 bucks for 2 people to eat. plus the employees have the personality of a rock.

  • Cody

    Yes the burgers are good but get off the Atkins Diet and eat the bun unless you want kidney failure.

    • bob

      Sorry Cody, but you are mis-informed, or only partially educated about the Atkins plan. It’s made alot of people healthier. Education is the key. Too much of anything isn’t good of course. Again, education and making the right choices using the gained knowledge = success……

  • Screamers is definitely the best at burgers. It’s Mother’s Day today and I plan to drag my kids to Wickenberg from Peoria, just so I can have lunch there. 🙂

  • Michael Miller

    actually my sister is healthier now because of the Atkins Diet;'”