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Bypass Solution Flawed and Short-Sighted

Review of the Meeting held on 12/14/04 at Community center with regard to the bypass for Wickenburg.

After attending the presentation I came away feeling uneasy about the following items:

  1. With respect to the “visual setting / environmental” aspect. First a little back ground; recently I started working in Phoenix; when I start to drive down to Phoenix it looks like a beautiful day, then as I approach Phoenix on the 51 I see a smog cloud sitting in the valley. This past summer I also experienced what controlled burns do in the Grand Canyon and how the smoke just sits in the low lying areas. Once we run most of the traffic through the river, and the projections are for the traffic to increase, won’t Wickenburg have the same smog cloud sitting in the river basin? How is this an improvement for the town? The town should do whatever it can to protect the natural setting that the river offers not to artificially disconnect and pollute the river with a road that will forever spoil the natural setting.
  2. With respect to the latest plan to include roundabouts. I have lived most of my life in the NY/NJ area. This area of the country had hundreds of these roundabouts, which we called circles. Every one of them has been replaced with regular traffic lights. If they are such a great thing why would they be replaced with a regular traffic light after being in existence for decades? They show a nice video of how it works, but in town we see normally see a big group of trucks passing through town together, how will the roundabout deal with this?
  3. How can the bypass be discussed in a vacuum? There is something called CANAMEX that is going to affect Wickenburg in the near future, why can’t these two roadways be coordinated in such a way that is beneficial to the town, not in a piecemeal method which will probably cost more and do more harm to the surrounding areas.
  4. Lastly, every time I attend a presentation regarding the bypass the price seems to go up. This was supposed to be inexpensive; the cost is now up to $ 25,000,000.00. That’s a lot of money to spend on a temporary fit that is going to do more harm the town than good in the long run.

I can’t stop from thinking how short sighted this project is.

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