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Old Guest Book 2004 Entries

The following are the entries that appeared in the original wickenburg-az.com Guest Book for the year 2004. That Guest Book was discontinued when we switched to the new Web site format on January 1, 2006.

On 12/24/2004, Cathy Billingsley of Wickenburg, AZ, USA wrote:

Maria I am TOTALLT IMPRESSED!! What a terrific site for people wanting to learn about Wickenburg, visit Wickenburg and even for those of us that live in Wickenburg. You have done a great job of this site and I look forward to visiting often.

On 11/19/2004, kennard peterson of tacoma, wa, USA wrote:
I visited Wickenburg a couple weeks ago when you had all you wares for sale .I enjoyed see there again I had not been there for a few years .You have grown so much .I have a lot in Whispering ranch It was nice tosee how much have grown .Live in Tacoma wa at present time for 2 years and 47 years in Alaska before that Plan to visit there again before to long. Kennard peterson e-mail Markenfair@aol.com

On 11/9/2004, Sue Ballard of Grimsley, tennessee, USA wrote:
Super site, I was in Az several years ago when I was mad at my husband and I ran away on his motorcycle for 9 months I was at a state park tehre where I read a poem about Az and tha devil and how hot Az is. I never forgot about the poem and I took the time to look it up and lo and behold I found it here By the way I kept the Harley and got rid of the hubby

On 11/1/2004, Jamie Massey of Midville, ga, USA wrote:
Wow! Buckshot Babe’s looks like a great spot!! I have received a few things from them via mail order. Our five month old son wears many western t-shirts and onsies from Buckshot Babes. I can’t wait to see the inside for myself. I hear they have a great selction of the original Garcia bits too. What a variety! I am hoping for a franchise to hit Georgia sometime soon. Until then I will have to rely on Gail and Carrie to mail the goods to me…. Look out Santa Clause!

On 11/1/2004, jo benson of belgrade, Montana, USA wrote:
Bravo for Wickenburg! Buckshot Babes is just what the doctor ordered. Fun, practical and sophisticated all under one unique roof. Thanks for running the article and best of luck to it’s proprieters Carrie & Gayle!

On 9/29/2004, Richard Lester of Phoenix, AZ, USA wrote:
First, I would like to say that the three visits to Wickenburg were much enjoyed. However, as time was always a factor; we hope to have a COMPLETE day to really see it. I have read Maria Langer’s aticles. Wickenburg reminds me of the small town in New Hampshire I came from. In fact, the town adjacent to it was similar, as well, in that businesses came, and businesses went. If the small town flavor is to remain, then small businesses will be the rule. When people can drive in thirty to forty minutes to Surprise, and find all the shopping, and restaurants they need; these little businesses can not survive. When in New Hampshire, we were only twenty five minutes down a super highway to Concord; so the smaller businesses, and “greasy spoon” dining places suffered. This was until the town leaders finaly realized a plan to allow some big name outfits in, but still within reason. Things never got out of hand, but a Wallmart, BJs wholesale, Home Depot, Outlet Mall, Staples, and a few other businesses, and four chain restaurants were allowed in an area just off the main highway. It helped the area take some pride, and improvement in the down town’s appearance (though slow) has started. Two long time in business hardware stores are still thriving, as well as other businesses. Something has to happen for Wickenburg, if you want things to improve in appearance. Otherwise be satisfied with it’s old charm, and the transient nature of things. Maybe, that is the solution to keeping Wickenburg as is. One can not have it both ways, unless Wickenburg did what Tilton, NH did; limit the growth to a specified area of town!

On 7/14/2004, JANET COLLINS of WICKENBURG, AZ, USA wrote:

On 7/14/2004, Sharon Woodhull of Hillsboro, Oregon, USA wrote:
Great web-site. I and my husband have been down to Wickenburg in the past and are planning on being down there again this fall. Looking forward to attending the fiddle event in November. This site is saved on my favorites listing so I can quickly pull it up. I enjoy reading the articles and love the “liars” stories. All the information provided on this site is outstanding. Few if any other town sites provide as much. Considering a move “out Wickenburg way” in 05 so will be seriously looking when we’re down this fall.

On 7/13/2004, kevin Peck of Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA wrote:
Thank you for taking the time to do this web site. We were looking for a small town to move to and your site helped. We will be moving to Wickenburg August 1. Loved the pictures. Even the pictures of Safeway. We will be opening a small shop at 605 West Wickenburg Way.

On 7/12/2004, Mary Otte of Peoria, AZ, USA wrote:
Hi there, I came upon this site as I was searching for information on the Monte Cristo Mine. My mother lived there with her family in the late 20’s. I have pictures of them at the mine, and on the road to the mine. My mother has died, but thanks to this site I was able to make a powerful connedtion to her for me and my daughter, as well as sharing this with my brothers and sister in California. Thank you for the valuable work you do. Mary E. Otte

On 6/30/2004, Jackie Mangum of Payette, Idaho, USA wrote:
WHOO, Just finished reading all 153 entries. Got to tell you, I’m scared. I’m scared there is not going to be any room for us when we are ready to retire. Sounds like everyone else has the same idea. If we all retire there than it’s going to be another Phx. Not knowing your town at all, only through my husband and his memories of about 40 years ago, is it possible to maintain the “small town” quaintness and still have room for us?? Sure hope so cause thats where I want move. Can anyone out there tell me anything about Simpson’s RV or Horspitality RV?? Thx for any info. Was particulary interested in those two because of the “horses”.

On 6/30/2004, Jackie Mangum of Payette, USA wrote:
Hi, this is Jackie again, I forgot that I wanted to comment on your article you wrote regarding the old “Barn” distruction. Boy was I ever sorry to hear about that. Now you just have a big dust bowl and what a jerk for leveling everything and walking away from it. You know, if there’s any way you can tell the city fathers not to do anymore developing there, I would appreciate it. The “old” small town is why we want to move there. IT’S HISTORY. You would think with all that desert, you could have found another place to build (what ever). PLEASE STOP THE DEVELOPMENT!!! Thank you, hopefully a future resident.

On 6/30/2004, Jackie Mangum of Payette, USA wrote:
Hello, just wanted to congrats on this site. I love it and find it very informative. My husband and I are planning on moving to Wickenburg and so I have been reading everything you have written. I am totally “horse” crazy and love small towns, so it sounds like Wickenburg is the place for me. My husband had a friend that lived there years ago. They played in a band together and had quite the time. He has always talked about his friend and Wickenburg so I’m anxious to see it. I will check your site quite often to see if there is anything new going on, so keep all the great info coming.

On 6/25/2004, Huey Micheau of Laporte, Minnesota, USA wrote:
Have a friend (Dale Stenquist) who moved to your fair town some number of years ago. He keeps trying to get me to visit your fair town, and I will one of these days, so I’am checking out your web site.

On 6/14/2004, miguel montes of congrss, az, USA wrote:
you need to have more ads on the wickenburg skate park and you need to put drinking fountains in there

On 5/7/2004, Tucker Coxwell of Rockport, Texas, USA wrote:
Hi—very impressed with your coverage of Wickenburg. My family moved to Wickenburg in 1927 (or 28)==I went to the first grade in the little red school house and on every visit, I enjoy the fact that it has remained as it was. Keep up the good work you are a true asset to the community.Once a Wickenburger, always a Wickenburger. Tucker Coxwell

On 5/6/2004, Betty Maxwell Fee of Weiser, Idaho, USA wrote:
I come here from time to time to see what is going on in my old home town. I was re-reading some of the comments I had left here earlier and need to correct a few things. I was born in my Grandmother McKenzie’s home in 1931, so I am an old timer. I was raised in Wickenburg and didn’t leave until 1948. I returned to Wickenbug in 1959 and stayed for about five years. So all this growth is a surprise to me. I find this site a great place to go look at what is happening at “home”. Does anyone out there remember the Maxwell family (Roy dad and Rosie mom–Arthur, Irene, Billy and Betty)? I saw some names mentioned that I recognized while reading other comments. Always nice to see a familiar name. Would like to hear from anyone in old Wickenburg..

On 4/24/2004, Marguerite nee Smith of adelaide, south australia, Australia wrote:
Dear Wickenburg Folk, I lived in Wickenburg in 1983 I think it was, as an exchange student from Australia, and after seeing your site am amazed at it’s growth! There were many I met I think of and wonder how their doin’and would love to say g’day so if you remember me drop me a line and if anyone knows the whereabouts of Brenda temorowski, Beth Aker, Reeni Dennis, Owen Black, Padre, Kasey Crook and all you guys I partied with way back when contact me!

On 4/12/2004, Linda Droege of Scottsdale, Arizona, USA wrote:
My boss does a lot of business in Wickenburg so a friend of mine and I have decided to visit. We are looking forward to the trip after looking at this wonderful site.

Thanks! Linda Droege

On 4/3/2004, Wayne Farn…. of Goodyear, az, USA wrote:
Ghost Ranch in Aguila

Great site, we check out the Ghost Ranch today, very nice, although from Goodyear, it adds 120 miles.

Thanks for the postings… My My Wife Andeanna, and my 20 month old Son Alexei Thanks you!

On 4/1/2004, Raychel Ogden of Sturgis, SouthDakota, USA wrote:
This is a pretty cool website. Im from wickenburg and I just wanted to see if there was a wickenburg website..You should put pictures of gold rush days..Other then that the web site is cool.

On 2/15/2004, Steffi Pilz of Berlin, Germany wrote:
Surfed into these pages when I searched for information about the Desert Caballeros ride. Wow, great pages! Will help a lot to get everything organized for my next Wickenburg Vacation!

On 2/5/2004, Carole Connolly of Kansas City, KS, USA wrote:
Found this web site while looking for information about town. I’ll be coming later this month to spend some time with my parents, who live there in the winter. Thanks very much for all the great information about the town. I can’t wait to visit! I’m glad there’s so much to do.

On 1/10/2004, MGBADA JOE ABA of ABA,NAIJA, ABA, NAIJA wrote:

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  • Jay B Folk

    My great grandfather had a brother who lived in Constellation in the early 1900’s. Are there any old cemetaries out that way where I might find out where he ended up? Any information would be helpful.
    Jay Folk