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Land of the Sun Endurance Ride is one of the REAL Things that Keep Wickenburg Western

For the past few years, the Land of the Sun Endurance Ride, which is sponsored by the Wickenburg Horsemen’s Association (WHA), has brought riders from all over the southwest — and their horses — to Wickenburg. The event, which begins with registration and other events on a Friday, culminates with a 25- or 50-mile ride through some of the most spectacular desert scenery Arizona has to offer. Right here in Wickenburg.

As a member of the WHA, I work as a volunteer for the event. I start off on Friday afternoons, marking numbers on horse butts. (Some may say that’s …

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A River Flows Through It

text by Maria Langer; photos by Mike Chilingerian Photos ©2005 Michael Chilingerian and Flying M Air, LLC. All rights reserved; may not be used without written permission.

If you live in Wickenburg, you must have realized, by now, that the Hassayampa River is flowing. Yes, flowing. With water.

(If you haven’t realized it yet, you really ought to get out more. It’s been flowing for about a month.)

In the very old days, when this area was inhabited primarily by the Yavapai Indians and the miners who were trying to drive them out (don’t worry, we won’t go there), the …

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What's Your Sign

As the owner of several small businesses, I have spent my share of marketing dollars on an often overlooked advertising tool: signs. I’ve learned that a professional looking sign is an effective way to promote a business or communicate a message. Wickenburg is fortunate to have an excellent source for signs right in town: What’s Your Sign.

Kim Hunt has owned and operated What’s Your Sign for the past eight years. She creates all kinds of signs, from the small metal “No Motorized Vehicles” signs I purchased to keep trespassers out of the wash that runs past my house to …

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Wickenburg Business, Take 3

My wife & I are planning on retiring in 12 – 18 mos. & have started exploring our options. A friend of ours stayed in Wickenburg a few yrs. ago & told us about the town.

We’re looking for a small “downtown” area with friendly people, decent economy, good weather & “today’s” conveniences. From what we have been told, Wickenburg sounded like the ideal place. However, after reading what’s being planned for the city, we are having 2nd. thoughts.

In order for your town to survive, you must cater to the “year round resident” and not other types of economies. …

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Wickenburg Business, Take 2

I was extremely pleased to see Mr. Prather’s submission appear on this site. It seems that I’m not the only one who is outraged by the sudden appearance of two dollar stores and two payroll advance places in town.

But I think what bothers me most is what was voiced in a Letter to the Editor of the Wickenburg Sun last week. The letter’s author, who runs a painting business in town, was clearly upset that the town has been attracting nationwide chain businesses rather than supporting the “mom and pop” (his words) businesses that have been in town for …

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