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About This Site

Here’s some more information about wickenburg-az.com, including the site’s philosophy and technical aspects.

Site Background & Philosophy

Founded in 1999, wickenburg-az.com is the creation of Maria Langer, a Wickenburg resident since 1997. A computer professional, bestselling author, and Web publisher, Maria decided that Wickenburg needed a well-maintained home on the World Wide Web, a place where both local folks and out-of-towners could come to to get up-to-date information about the town.

Maria’s philosophy and goals are simple: she wants to make wickenburg-az.com a sort of “virtual community” within Wickenburg. She does this by opening the site to content contributions from local residents, visitors, and businesses.

To make wickenburg-az.com a useful destination on the World Wide Web, it provides a wide variety of interesting content, including Photo Tours of the Wickenburg area; detailed, illustrated information about Things to Do and Day Trips; and original articles by Wickenburg area residents, such as Jim Cook’s Journal of Prevarication and John Aabbott’s Opinions and Observations. We also offer a Dining Guide with personal recommendations about the best places to eat in Wickenburg — not paid advertisements — and a review of many local businesses. These features make the site useful and interesting for members of the Wickenburg community who have Internet access, as well as out-of-town visitors who want to learn more about what Wickenburg has to offer.

How We’re Different

What really sets the site apart from other community sites is Maria’s dedication to keeping the site up-to-date. She and the other content contributors add new or revised content on a weekly basis, guaranteeing that information remains fresh and new to all visitors — no matter how often they stop by. She also encourages others to submit comments and content for publication on the site, thus adding additional viewpoints about the Wickenburg area. Maria is not motivated by profit like other area Web sites and considers the upkeep of wickenburg-az.com a “labor of love.” She is determined to keep wickenburg-az.com a valuable destination on the World Wide Web.

Technical Info

Beginning in January 2006, wickenburg-az.com is powered by WordPress, a highly customizable blogging software package. The site is served from a Power Macintosh G4/867 “QuickSilver” computer using Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger server. Additional features are provided using the Web publishing capabilities of FileMaker Pro 5 and Evocam. To our knowledge, wickenburg-az.com has the only Web server physically located in Wickenburg.


What do you think about wickenburg-az.com? Please tell us! Use the Comments link below to read and enter comments shared with other site visitors.

Important Note

wickenburg-az.com is owned and operated by Flying M Productions, a print and Web publisher founded in 1992 (originally named Giles Road Press). Although the Webmasters make every reasonable effort to ensure that site content is appropriate for all visitors, Flying M Productions cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or appropriateness of any information on this site.

This site is not affiliated in any way with the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce or the Town of Wickenburg.

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