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Wickenburg Business

I applaud your website and the information that it provides. Hoping to find a forum for my complaint I offer the following.

Recently I noted that along with Alco and our Dollar Store, we will be getting another dollar store. Although I have seen only one of them I have been told that we also have two “payday loan” outfits. There are several fast food places already here and now another pizza place and coffee shop is coming to town. Frankly, I worry about the downtown businesses that have stuck it out until now. This town is becoming more of …

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The Journal of Precipitation

Having spent most of my life in Arizona, I never complain about rain.

Never, especially since I’ve occasionally varnished the truth in an effort to tell a skeptical world how dry it actually is around here. You may have read my warning about dust fires.

But I am getting a little worried about these webs between my toes. It has rained any number of times in the last few weeks.

It has not done that since the last time it did that, a dozen winters ago. Early in December, we actually heard a rancher friend say he had enough water …

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The Weather (Again)

Those of you reading these pages may think that I’m overly concerned with the weather. I’m not. Well, not really.

Weather fascinates me. It always has. I used to have a weather station that reported conditions at my home to a wireless base station. That base station was connected to a PC that I kept running all the time. Every 15 minutes, that computer created a Web page with current conditions and uploaded it to the wickenburg-az.com Web site. That made it the only accurate online weather source for Wickenburg, which I thought was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, when I took …

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About This Site

Here’s some more information about wickenburg-az.com, including the site’s philosophy and technical aspects.

Site Background & Philosophy

Founded in 1999, wickenburg-az.com is the creation of Maria Langer, a Wickenburg resident since 1997. A computer professional, bestselling author, and Web publisher, Maria decided that Wickenburg needed a well-maintained home on the World Wide Web, a place where both local folks and out-of-towners could come to to get up-to-date information about the town.

Maria’s philosophy and goals are simple: she wants to make wickenburg-az.com a sort of “virtual community” within Wickenburg. She does this by opening the site to content contributions from …

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