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The Weather (Again)

Those of you reading these pages may think that I’m overly concerned with the weather. I’m not. Well, not really.

Weather fascinates me. It always has. I used to have a weather station that reported conditions at my home to a wireless base station. That base station was connected to a PC that I kept running all the time. Every 15 minutes, that computer created a Web page with current conditions and uploaded it to the wickenburg-az.com Web site. That made it the only accurate online weather source for Wickenburg, which I thought was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, when I took on the Airport Fuel Manager contract, I moved the weather station to the airport to replace the ancient piece of junk that was being used there. I did not have a PC at the airport to make those nice Web pages. So online weather died. And when I sold my airport assets to Master Aircraft Services, which took over my airport contract in 2004, I sold the weather station with it. That weather station setup cost over $500 and it’s unlikely that I’m going to be able to scrape that much up again, just to put weather on wickenburg-az.com.

So now I have to satisfy myself by looking out the window. That’s part of what Saguaro Cam is all about. Some folks have complained that it doesn’t take pictures of anything really interesting. That’s usually the case, since Arizona is known for clear skies. But when the clouds move in, the view gets a bit more interesting.

This morning, however, the view was very interesting. My office window looks out onto Sols Wash beside Coffinger Park. And as it got light, I saw that Sols Wash — which is usually a dry, sandy pathway for ATVers — was running.

Sols Wash is Running

We’ve been having a lot of rain lately (as I reported last week). It’s a great thing. But the thing I like most is seeing all the washes running. The one that flows past my house (Cemetery Wash), was flowing a little bit this morning when I got up, but had stopped by the time I left for work. Sols is a regular river right now, over an hour later. I’m sure the river is flowing, too, but I really need to get some work done today, so going out to take a photo isn’t an option.

Now the sky is clearing. I think it might turn out to be a nice day. But then again, every day is a nice day in Arizona in the winter.

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