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What's Your Sign

As the owner of several small businesses, I have spent my share of marketing dollars on an often overlooked advertising tool: signs. I’ve learned that a professional looking sign is an effective way to promote a business or communicate a message. Wickenburg is fortunate to have an excellent source for signs right in town: What’s Your Sign.

Kim Hunt has owned and operated What’s Your Sign for the past eight years. She creates all kinds of signs, from the small metal “No Motorized Vehicles” signs I purchased to keep trespassers out of the wash that runs past my house to the big composite sign I just ordered for one of my businesses, Flying M Air. She also creates car door magnets, banners, billboards, real estate signs, and lettering for trucks and windows.

What's Your Sign

Kim’s shop may look a little untidy, but I think that’s because she’s so busy. When customers call, she meets them in a front office lined with photos of her work, as well as completed signs ready for pickup.

Behind the office is one of Kim’s workrooms, where she uses Flexisign software to design many of her signs. If she’s not in the middle of a pressing project, she’ll work with you to design your sign while you wait. The software takes a lot of guesswork out of the creation process and makes it possible to see what your sign will look like within minutes. Later, when Kim constructs your sign, she’ll use the software to cut vinyl letters and other graphics in whatever colors she needs. She then painstakingly adheres them to the sign surface, trimming and punching them out as necessary to complete the sign.

What's Your Sign

Kim can also create hand-painted signs on wood or any other surface. I came in one day and I found her busy with a special wood-cutting tool, carving lettering into a piece of wood. She’s made front license plate signs for me, reflective signs, magnetic numbers (for airport fuel pricing), and logos on my helicopter. She even added lettering to a plain black spare tire cover on my Jeep for a sign that serves two purposes. Years have gone by since she did that job for me and although the cover needs replacing, it isn’t because of the lettering. The cover’s vinyl gave out before Kim’s letters.

Kim’s prices are fair and she works quickly, at least by Wickenburg standards. She has a part-time assistant that comes in to help her out a few days a week when the workload is high, so there’s never a long backlog of jobs.

Need a sign? Stop by What’s Your Sign and see how Kim can help you.

What’s Your Sign is at its new location at 603 Wipple Court. Call them at 928/684-3012.

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