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Wickenburg Business, Take 3

My wife & I are planning on retiring in 12 – 18 mos. & have started exploring our options. A friend of ours stayed in Wickenburg a few yrs. ago & told us about the town.

We’re looking for a small “downtown” area with friendly people, decent economy, good weather & “today’s” conveniences. From what we have been told, Wickenburg sounded like the ideal place. However, after reading what’s being planned for the city, we are having 2nd. thoughts.

In order for your town to survive, you must cater to the “year round resident” and not other types of economies. If the town continues to cater to those economies, your town, eventually, will have those types of economies left…the year round resident will flee the area because it is no longer desirable to live in Wickenburg. The downtown businesses will be one of the first to leave the area & then the town will become what amounts to a ghost town. Example, Elizabethtown, KY. The business fled the adorable & unique downtown & the town opened strip malls & restaurant chains galore & now the town has 2 types of economies…the lower & the upper – a middle class is non-existent. I could expand on this thought, however, I think you are smart enough to understand what the bottom line is for this letter.

We have had first hand experience with Elizabethtown, KY & their economic problems, that’s why I can express my opinion.

For retirement locales, we looked at Prescott & Prescott Valley, AZ & the traffic is horrendous w/no foreseeable solution to the over development of the area. We looked at Flagstaff, AZ & the traffic & the “economy” also left a lot to be desired.

As for bringing a “bypass” thru town, what are they thinking? Parking will be cut down, which in turn will drive customers away from the town, thus businesses. 2 roundabouts or traffic circles as they are not fondly known as in New Jersey, will cause traffic snarls & backups. That is not the way to alleviate a traffic problem.

You have valid points for wanting to keep Wickenburg a viable town & if the town & Chamber of Commerce don’t plan correctly, Wickenburg will only be a fond memory.

I can’t say if we will consider Wickenburg a place to retire to year round because if the Chamber of Commerce proceeds with it’s plans, we won’t be interested in retiring to a lackluster economy & town.

Good luck w/your plan on wanting to keep Wickenburg “idyllic”.

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