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Wickenburg Business

I applaud your website and the information that it provides. Hoping to find a forum for my complaint I offer the following.

Recently I noted that along with Alco and our Dollar Store, we will be getting another dollar store. Although I have seen only one of them I have been told that we also have two “payday loan” outfits. There are several fast food places already here and now another pizza place and coffee shop is coming to town. Frankly, I worry about the downtown businesses that have stuck it out until now. This town is becoming more of an enclave than a destination. Are these dollar stores supposed to keep people from driving in to Wal-Mart? Perhaps we will remain a destination for Congress and Aguila.

I cannot tell you how many restaurants have come and gone unable to make a go of it but Wickenburg seems to be destined for nothing more than two of each business that can afford to pay the rent. Two car dealers, two tire stores, two dollar stores, two drug stores, two super markets, etc.

The new gas station on highway 93 will only bring traffic and another blight for an otherwise beautiful town. Hoses instead of horses. Frankly, if I can sell, I may move to Cave Creek.

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