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The Payoff

I’m savoring this season. It’s changeable–one day it’s raining, and then it doesn’t rain again until the next day, unless it rains all night.

It’s nice to live by a river that resembles one. I will remember it longingly after the Hassayampa returns to its arid state, and the lush wildflowers are gone from the moor.

You can go years without seeing even a trickle in the Hassayampa, or the Salt, or the lower Gila. I may not live to see this much climate again. My health is okay, but prolonged water is just that rare.

Coyotes are wearing galoshes. …

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The Wrath of the Hassayampa

text by Maria Langer; photos by Mike Chilingerian Photos ©2005 Michael Chilingerian and Flying M Air, LLC. All rights reserved; may not be used without written permission.

Heavy rains caused flooding all along the Hassayampa River this past weekend. Watching the floodwaters take away homes and part of Jack Burden Road seemed a more popular pasttime than visiting the carnival at Gold Rush Days. At least that’s how the Phoenix TV crews looked at it. They all sent helicopters up to get footage of the damage and not a single one showed the festivities going on right across the river …

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Little-Known Facts about Arizona

Monday will be Arizona’s 93rd birthday. On Valentine’s Day, 1912, Arizona Territory became the 48th state.

Arizona’s history is a bit longer than that, however. Tucson was established as a Spanish Presidio in 1776, at the time of the American Revolution. The presidio replaced Tubac, now a tourist colony, which dates back to 1752.

But you can read those things in history books. Here are some facts about the state that you might have missed:


More than 500 colors of dirt have been identified in Arizona.


Susan S. of Globe has been playing computer solitaire nonstop …

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Comments from a Site Visitor

I have just finished reading the entire content of your wickenburg-az.com website (better than the N.Y. Times!) and I just want to commend you on your personal dedication to public topics that affect the region.

My children currently live in Wickenburg with my Mom while I freeze my butt off here in Wisconsin recovering from surgery that had to be performed here. (My specialist is here at UW Hospital.) My kids barely remember their home state of Kansas and, in fact, have lived all of thier school years (in middle school now) right there in Wickenburg.

We love the Gold …

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Winter on the Hassayampa

Now I remember why I love living in Wickenburg.

It was difficult in August, when we returned from vacation in Alaska and Canada. The desert was sere, boring, dry as fine print. Temperatures were high, tempers were short, and that lasted into October.

But now it’s winter, and we’ve had a lot more rain than usual. The desert floor is so green that golf courses suffer by comparison. Poppies are blooming on the roadsides, and spring will arrive in a couple of days.

The Hassayampa River has had water on top of it, continuously, for more than six weeks, and …

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