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Another Donation Gets Us a Better WebCam

Thanks to the generous donation made last week by Steven Murphy, I was able to purchase and install a new WebCam for wickenburg-az.com.

This WebCam is better than the original WebCam for several reasons:

  • It’s a D-Link DCS-900W wireless WebCam. That means I don’t have to attach it directly to the Web server computer (or any other computer, for that matter). As long as its within range of my wireless network, it can broadcast images. Right now, it’s looking out at North Tegner Street, toward the center of town.
  • The camera has live video capabilities. That means you can access a moving image. To use this feature, visit [taken off line when the camera died later in the year] and enter visitor as the User ID. Leave the password field blank. This will give you access to the video but will not allow you to change camera settings. (Sorry; only one Webmaster allowed!) A java-enabled browser is required. I’m working on a way to incorporate this image into a Web page on the site. Please don’t view this live image any longer than you need to as it will eat up site bandwidth. If too many people use this feature and bandwidth gets too slow, I’ll be forced to take it offline.
  • Because the camera is new, the image hasn’t deteriorated yet. I hope it doesn’t. The camera cost over $100 and I really don’t want to spend that kind of money on a regular basis to replace it. (But if I get more donations, I’ll set up more WebCams. Hint. Hint.)

The camera is still behind glass so glare may be a problem at certain times of the day, but if I can get my significant other to build me a weatherproof box for it, I’ll mount it outside where the image should be crystal clear and glare-free all the time — even when it’s raining!

Of course, I can’t do much about what the image shows. There are only a certain number of windows in my office space and the views are limited.

Right now, the only way to access the image is via the link above. I’ll be adding a view to the SaguaroCam2 page soon. And if I like the image enough, I may add it to the Home Page as well.

But you can help! If you’d like to set up a WebCam in your Wickenburg home or office, send me an e-mail and let me know. It’ll take a bit of an investment on your part (I can’t start buying cameras for everyone in Wickenburg), but I can help you set it up and put it online here for the world to see.

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