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Comments from a Site Visitor

I have just finished reading the entire content of your wickenburg-az.com website (better than the N.Y. Times!) and I just want to commend you on your personal dedication to public topics that affect the region.

My children currently live in Wickenburg with my Mom while I freeze my butt off here in Wisconsin recovering from surgery that had to be performed here. (My specialist is here at UW Hospital.) My kids barely remember their home state of Kansas and, in fact, have lived all of thier school years (in middle school now) right there in Wickenburg.

We love the Gold Rush Days (but hate the traffic they produce!) and we have been long time opposers of most of the hiway bypass plans. I totally agree that emphasis should be placed on those residents that are permanant and year-round as a way to ensure Wickenburg’s strong base.

It is my intention to return there shortly and to that end I am currently soliciting assistance in locating affordable housing and suitable employment. At any rate, I just wanted to say “Kudos” to you for your effort and I will look forward to reading more articles and editorials from you (I also switched from AT&T…for the same reason!).

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