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In Iraq, Thinking of Wickenburg

I have been here in Basra, Iraq for nine months and just got a bit of a breather. Found myself on your website and just felt some old memories, good memories of Wickenburg.

I fell in love with Wickenburg in 1985 and have visited numerous times although not in the last three years. What caught my eye was the Ben’s Saddlery picture. I am from New Jersey and believe it or not we do a lot of riding. Bit of trivia. New Jersey has the most registered horses of any state. Of course the key word is “registered”. Anyway a …

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Some People Evolved, and Some Didn't

Eighty years after the Scopes monkey trial in Tennessee, some people are still uptight about Charles Darwin’s theories of evolution.

There are those who want to believe that the Book of Genesis is a literal history of how the world began–the only history of how the world began–and they feel that evolutionary theory threatens their beliefs.

Fortunately, this is America, and anyone can believe anything he chooses to believe. At least, that’s what I was always told.

John Scopes was a Tennesse high school teacher accused of teaching evolution, in defiance of Tennessee law. His trial in 1925 was a …

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Oh Boy, Oh Boy, A Bunch of Cholla

In my continuing quest to learn what I can about my native desert, I have hit a couple of snags.

I recently learned that there are twenty-eight kinds of cholla cactus in Arizona. And then there is the problem of cactus blooms so vivid that their images set my printer on fire.

If you are familiar with cholla, you know that it rhymes with “Goya,” and you might agree that one variety would have been more than sufficient.

All during this glorious spring, I have taken photos of anything that blooms, and I have been trying to learn the names …

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