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In Iraq, Thinking of Wickenburg

I have been here in Basra, Iraq for nine months and just got a bit of a breather. Found myself on your website and just felt some old memories, good memories of Wickenburg.

I fell in love with Wickenburg in 1985 and have visited numerous times although not in the last three years. What caught my eye was the Ben’s Saddlery picture. I am from New Jersey and believe it or not we do a lot of riding. Bit of trivia. New Jersey has the most registered horses of any state. Of course the key word is “registered”. Anyway a few years ago I was staying at Mrs. Craig’s Rancho Casitas spread and I inquired about an endurance saddle. She said go to Ben’s Saddlery and see if he has one. I did. He did. He proceeded to give me the saddle to try out. He asked for no deposit or ID, just said bring it back in a few days. Being from New Jersey, I was amazed and regained faith in people again. This was on top of Mrs Craig telling me she would take a personal check for my stay at her place. I simply could not get over what wonderful, kind and trusting people I met in wickenburg. When I finish here I will make Wickenburg home.

I have retired twice and been called or asked to perform contracting work for Dept of Defense. I never refuse. I enjoy being with a lot of dedicated young people, from many nations. By the way, while it is dangerous here, we are improving the lives of the Iraqi people tremendously. The biggest problem we have is the Iraqis believe that the US has done so many amazing things (man on the moon, homeowners galore, vast cities, running water everywhere, toilets, etc.) that they think we can almost will things to change overnight. They are impatient. After what they have endured, especially here in the south, I cannot blame them.

Well things are livening up again so I have to sign off. See you in Wickenburg soon. Thank you so much for those pictures.

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