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Important Advice for Day Trips

In many instances, the Day Trips described on wickenburg-az.com include long rides on unpaved roads through remote Arizona desert. Here are a few suggestions for ensuring your safety on long, back road trips:

Tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to get back. Call them when you return or if you are delayed so they don’t worry. Make sure your vehicle is in top operating condition. Top off your fuel tank before you leave Wickenburg. Many towns do not have gas stations. Some “towns” on the map don’t even have buildings! Always carry water — both drinking water …

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It's Snake Season Here in Wickenburg

Summer in Wickenburg —and the rest of the desert southwest — is the time when cold-blooded critters come out of hybernation. I’m talking about lizards and snakes.

I’ve already seen a number of snakes here in town. The first was the 4-foot rattlesnake I spotted on my driveway when I got home from a weekend away. I guess he decided to take advantage of the piece and quiet on the concrete and get himself some sun. When he saw me walking up the driveway, he realized his vacation was over and he slithered back into the tall, dead grass alongside …

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SEATs Protect Wickenburg During the Summer Fire Season

The photo you see below is of a SEAT (Single Engine Air Tanker) — two of them, in fact — based at Wickenburg Municipal Airport. And that gray stuff in the sky in the right side of the photo is smoke.

Wickenburg is fortunate again to be chosen as a base of operations for State Fire. There are currently two SEATs based at Wickenburg Airport with two crews on standby every day. When they get a fire call, the pilots don their flight suits and take off, delivering a load of fire suppressant mixed with fertilizer to the fire …

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