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New Legs for an Old Fable

An old man, a boy and a burro were traveling from Globe to Superior, a far piece.

The boy rode on the burro and the old man walked. As they went along, they passed some people who couldn’t help but remark that it was a shame that the old man had to walk while the boy rode.

The old man and the boy thought maybe that was right, so they traded places. Now the old man was riding the burro.

Soon they passed some more nosey people, who remarked, “What a shame. That man makes the little boy walk.”

So they decided that they both would walk, and lead the burro.

That was fine until they passed some county road workers, who said they thought the man and the boy were stupid to walk when they had a perfectly good burro. So they both rode the burro.

Wouldn’t you know it? A preacher, driving a Ford Expedition, stopped and chastized them severely for putting such a heavy load on the poor burro.

Shamed, the man and the boy decided they would carry the burro.

As they crossed the bridge over Pinto Creek, they lost their grip on the burro. The poor animal fell into the canyon. Don’t even try to imagine the shape the poor donkey was in– that’s a high bridge.

I’m sure you’ve heard the moral of this story before: If you try to please everyone, you’ll lose your ass.

However, the old man and the boy had saved a ton of money on gasoline. They hitchhiked to Phoenix and invested their savings in a hybrid car, for which there is now a fat tax credit.

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