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Thanks Again to Supporters

I just want to take a moment to thank the most recent batch of site supporters for sending in their donations.

Running this Web site has been a labor of love since I started it back in 1999. I spend my time and money and use my computer resources to make it possible. But as many of you may know, I’m not as “in love” with Wickenburg these days as I’ve been in the past. Changes to the town that I don’t think will benefit the town have really gotten me down, making it tough to write positive things. Whenever I write something that’s the least bit unfavorable, I get blasted by a few people who seem to have forgotten the good things I’ve said in the past.

Donations from supporters help us add new features. For example, I’m currently trying to find a home for two new Webcams and am working with partners to add more interesting features like podcasts and live broadcasts. They also help cover the cost of hosting the Web site. This is extremely important after someone blasts me for voicing an opinion or telling the truth about something and I wonder why I’m wasting my time providing this service.

It must not be a waste of time when generous supporters open their wallets to help me cover the site’s costs.

Thank you. It’s an honor and pleasure to serve you all.

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