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Three Score and Ten

Bill Roer’s skills included buying cattle, selling cattle, roping cattle, and telling stories.

When I was a kid, the Roer family had a farm on Northern Avenue, west of 23rd Avenue. That was north of Phoenix then, but now it’s almost downtown. The northbound fast lane of Interstate 17 runs through the spot where the Roer home stood.

Bill and his brothers used to stage rodeos on the farm. Being short of fences, they asked spectators to park their cars in a circle to help contain the animals.

One cowboy was bucked off a bronc and fell through the roof …

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KBSZ Gets Streaming Audio

I’d been talking with Pete Peterson for a while about using Internet streaming audio to expand KBSZ‘s range and make it accessible to the snowbirds who flock to town each winter. Pete liked the idea. After all, what’s not to like? With more listeners, his radio shows and advertisers get more exposure.

Live streaming audio on the Internet isn’t new at all, but there were a few minor technological hurdles we needed to jump before we could get it all set up. My schedule kept me busy, but the podcast (refer to “Old News: Podcasting Comes to Wickenburg”) and Webcam …

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New WebCam — Finally!

I’ve finally gotten around to adding a new Webcam to wickenburg-az.com. This one is being hosted at local radio station KBSZ (1250-AM). The view (shown in “small view” on the wickenburg-az.com Home page) is of their studio’s main broadcasting booth. Check it in the mornings between 9 and 9:30 AM for a look at Around the Town guests. Otherwise, it should be pointed at whoever is manning the station. Don’t think the station is off the air if the studio is empty or the picture is dark; Pete uses state of the art broadcasting equipment to keep the station on …

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