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KBSZ Gets Streaming Audio

I’d been talking with Pete Peterson for a while about using Internet streaming audio to expand KBSZ‘s range and make it accessible to the snowbirds who flock to town each winter. Pete liked the idea. After all, what’s not to like? With more listeners, his radio shows and advertisers get more exposure.

Live streaming audio on the Internet isn’t new at all, but there were a few minor technological hurdles we needed to jump before we could get it all set up. My schedule kept me busy, but the podcast (refer to “Old News: Podcasting Comes to Wickenburg”) and Webcam (refer to “About this Site: New Webcam — Finally!”) projects I did at KBSZ was only the first two parts of a three-part process to get more exposure for Wickenburg and KSBZ. The final part was streaming audio.

The good news is that streaming audio went online today and it sounds pretty darn good. You can learn how to connect by visiting the Streaming Audio page on the KBSZ-AM.com Web site. Or if you already have some experience with streaming audio, just click here. The setup is still in the testing process, so it might not be perfect. We’re working hard to iron out the kinks and your feedback would help. Consult the Streaming Audio page for information on how you can send comments to the Webmaster.

Of course, KBSZ’s streaming audio will also be available here at wickenburg-az.com since our server is what makes this new feature possible. And that means that the generous contributions of site supporters have also helped make this possible. Thanks again to all of you! (And I’m still looking for some new webcam hosts.)

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