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New WebCam — Finally!

I’ve finally gotten around to adding a new Webcam to wickenburg-az.com. This one is being hosted at local radio station KBSZ (1250-AM). The view (shown in “small view” on the wickenburg-az.com Home page) is of their studio’s main broadcasting booth. Check it in the mornings between 9 and 9:30 AM for a look at Around the Town guests. Otherwise, it should be pointed at whoever is manning the station. Don’t think the station is off the air if the studio is empty or the picture is dark; Pete uses state of the art broadcasting equipment to keep the station on the air around the clock.

Once again, we can thank our supporters for the new Webcam. In this case, I donated an old iMac computer (Pete’s computer is just too cranky) and the same QuickCam camera we used to use at wickenburg-az.com headquarters for the SaguaroCam. Software license fees were paid with cash contributions from supporters.

I’m still looking for another Webcam host. Do you have a neat view within 5 feet of an Internet-connected computer? If so, we can set you up with a camera and software to put your view of Wickenburg online for the world to see. Visit our WebCams page for more information.

And one more thing…I added a link to the previous day’s SaguaroCam2 movie. Clicking the link downloads a 160K QuickTime .MOV file with scenes from yesterday’s SaguaroCam, from sunrise to sunset. This movie is updated automatically on a daily basis. Although it’s tiny, it does show off our weather (or lack thereof). You can also have this movie automatically e-mailed to you each morning. Just use the form on the Contact Us page to tell the Webmaster what you want. Enjoy!

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