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A Night in the Crossfire Graveyard

The young fellow was dressed oddly. His rough clothing didn’t look like it came from Asian sweatshops.

But in my predicament, I would have welcomed any company.

I had located an old cemetery, about the only thing that’s left of the gold-mining ghost town called Crossfire.

There were some legible headstones, including a couple of ornate ones, surrounded by remnants of drunken wooden and wrought iron fences. As always, I was saddened by the number of little kids who died in those frontier mining camps.

I had taken photographs, and taken notes, and used pencil and paper to make a …

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An Unparalleled Appointment

WASHINGTON, OCTOBER 15 — President Bush today nominated Wendell Wrangle of Compost, Delaware, to head the U.S. Bureau of Latitude and Longitude.

Bush described Wrangle as “a man with a strong moral compass.”

Wrangle is presently chief counsel for the Frequent Flyers Pigeon Racing Association of Delaware. (The association is not to be confused with the Frequent Fryers, an association of short-order cooks, or the Frequent Friars, an aggressive religious order, both of which also are Delaware corporations.)

Making the announcement, Bush traced the lines on a large globe, explaining that the north-south lines are longitude, and the east-west lines …

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The Buttterfly Tree

I was sitting in my office this morning and happened to look out the window. Movement around a large desert broom plant alongside Sols Wash caught my eye. I looked more closely. Could it be?


I grabbed my new digital camera and zipped out the door to take a quick photo. The tree was absolutely covered with butterflies and many of them were flying around the area. There were also lots of bees.

The desert broom is one of the love ’em and hate ’em plants of the desert. They’re normally the first plant to take root in any …

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